Security Awareness Course – BOGOR


March 16-18, 2011



IDR 5.250.000,-/ Person, Registration deadline a weeks before training held


Kompol Karna, S.Pd. is master trainer interpersonal skill, coach ability development from Education and Training Institute Indonesian Police and IOM. Course experience are Management Conflict, Nogotiator, Mass Control, Civil Unrest from ICITAP USA. Now, he is a instructor in state police school Sukabumi and Master Trainer in Indonesian Police.


Adequate control of people is essential for thorough security, although any breach of security could be committed by employee or non-employee, during or after the work day or during the day or night, during on-the-job or off-the-job, at industrial area or at private premises, such breaches or violations can be prevented if there is a commitment that security is everybody responsibility and everybody business, so that everybody shall have security awareness and consciousness.

After attending this valuable and interesting course, the course participants will be able to :
1. Understand the basic principles of Loss Control Management in relation with security matters
2. Understand and implement the definitions, functions and principles of security.
3. Understand and implement the Security Awareness aspects especially in Oil & Gas Industry

1. Opening, Emergency Response Plan/Procedure Briefing, HSE/SHE/EHS/HES Moments, Ice Breaker, Pre-Test
2. Introduction to Loss Control Management
3. Definitions, Functions and Principles of Security
4. The Need for Security in Oil & Gas Industry
5. On-The-Job Security Awareness in Oil & Gas Industry Activities :
5.1 Security Awareness during the process of Employee Hiring and Recruitment
5.2 Security Awareness during the Company Business Transportation and Lodging Facilities
5.3 Security Awareness before, during and after working at Office Buildings
5.4 Security Awareness at Exploration / Seismic Operations
5.5 Security Awareness at Explosives Storage/Godown Area
5.6 Security Awareness at Drilling and Well Work Rigs Operations Area
5.7 Security Awareness at Oil & Gas Producing Well Sites and Flowlines Area
5.8 Security Awareness at Gathering Stations/Metering Stations/Gas Dehydration Plants Area
5.9 Security Awareness at Oil & Gas Transmission Lines / Pipelines Area
5.10 Security Awareness at Workshops/Warehouses/Transportation Equipment Yards Area
5.11 Security Awareness at Water Treatment/Waste Treatment Facilities Area
5.12 Security Awareness at Land/Marine/Air Transportation Activities
5.13 Security Awareness at other facilities (Guest Houses, Mess Halls, Recreation Halls, Hospitals, etc.)
6. Off-The-Job Security Awareness :
6.1 Security Awareness at Own Houses or Company Houses
6.2 Security Awareness in Personal Business Transportation
6.3 Security Awareness during vacation or annual leave
6.4 Security Awareness at Sport, Recreation and Movie Facilities
6.5 Security Awareness at other Off-The-Job Activities
7. Cases Study, Group Discussions, Group Presentations, VCD Displays, Post-Test, Course Evaluation, Closing

Whoever from all departments in Oil & Gas Industry include Contractors or Business Partners (BP)

– Silahkan isi form dibawah ini jika anda ingin mendaftar :

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