INHOUSE TRAINING : Time Management & Personal Effectiveness for Professional


Durasi : 3 hari
Maksimal peserta : 20 orang
Investasi : Rp. 20.000.000 / hari

In today’s rapid change and global competition, it can be difficult to manage your limited time. In many cases, we cry out that there are too much to do with too little time, which in turn cause a high stress level in work environment. Our ability to manage our time will cause you , your organization and your quality of life a fortune. To be successful you need skills for managing time and to apply personal effectiveness.

At the end of the workshop, everyone who participates will be better equip to :
– Learn the practical ideas on how to manage your time immediately better
– Enhance your effectiveness in managing your limited time and help you customized your own time management program
– Identify your time wasters and how to tackle them
– Develop the technique of scheduling activities in a positive manner that achieves results
– Maximize what you accomplish during the day with planning tools
– Minimizes procrastination and live more successfully

Manager, Staff Operation, Secretaries, administrative assistants and senior clerk who would like to work smarter and get more done in less time. Supervisors and executives can also benefit much from this practical workshop


– Understanding key concepts on Time Management and its impact on results and productivity
– Principles for effective time usage
– How to set Goals, Objectives and Value : Personal & Your company’s
– Determining key tasks and establishing priorities using the “The Time Management Matrix”
– Eliminating time wasters and conquering procrastination
– Planning your work and managing each others’s time more effectively Time matrix: urgent Vs. Important-how they relate to each other in work situations
– Time management and your life – a holistic approach
– Time management action plan


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