The Power Of Effective Communication With Confidence


Sept 01 – 02, 2010


Rp. 3,500,000 per person Excluding VAT and Hotel Accommodation (Jakarta)


Totok Krisdianto, MBA
Totok is a Senior HR trainer and coach. He is passionate about human resource training, coaching and sharing his skilled human resource knowledge with others.
His specialty is in the area of motivation, communication skills, leadership, managerial skills and personal development.
Had an Instructor’s License of Dale Carnegie Leadership Program (1997) and attended several workshops on HR issues in Singapore (1997), Houston and Boston, USA (2000). He also has attended an Advanced Leadership Seminar in Hawaii, USA (2008).
He has taken his Master Degree in Human Resources from Atma Jaya University, Jakarta (2004). His formal qualifications are supported by his extensive business background in several industries such as a Senior HR Advisor in ConocoPhillips and Medco Energy International.
His clients cover businesses such as banks, insurance, pharmaceuticals, automotive, manufacturing, oil & gas industries and educational institutions.
Totok is currently holding the position of Associate Trainer of Academia Trainining & Education.


Assertive communication is essential for effective performance and well-being in the workplace. Activities such as giving and receiving feedback, performance management, and building relationships with others are crucial to ensure both professional and personal success.
Assertive communication can be fundamental to improving people’s ability to work together, negotiate and achieve workable compromises in a straightforward manner. It enables individuals to communicate clearly and confidently, reducing conflict and creating a culture of open communication.
This workshop will introduce a range of practical skills and useful techniques which will enable participants to communicate assertively in the workplace, enhancing performance from an individual, team and organizational perspective. It will help identify and assist individuals to apply assertive techniques appropriate for the working environment.
Participants will gain the knowledge and skills to apply appropriate levels of assertiveness in a professional environment. They will also design personalized action plan to further develop their assertive communication skills.
Benefits of an Assertive Workplace :
– Increased confidence and more effective decision making
– Improved influencing skills
– Increased personal, team and organizational performance
– Enhanced customer satisfaction through clear and confident communication
– Problems solved through co-operation and negotiation
– Workplace challenges are solved more effectively and tensions that inhibit peak performance are minimized
– Individuals are empowered to develop, identify and deliver the best solutions
– Assertive behaviour can reduce stress and increase well-being
– Communication becomes clearer and more concise, which reduces misunderstandings and clarifies expectations.

Who should attend ?
Professionals at all levels who interested in increasing assertive communication skills
– The benefits of assertive communication
– The importance of professional confidence and assertiveness in the workplace
– How our belief systems influence our communication
– Individual communication styles
– The link between non-assertive behaviour and confidence
– Understanding and meeting the needs of others
– Analysis of individual strengths and weaknesses in communicating assertively
– Distinguish between assertive, aggressive and passive behaviour
– Assertion through verbal and non-verbal communication
– Identification of individual strategies to improve communication
– How to negotiate and reach a workable compromise
– How to improve communication effectively
– Interactive discussions
– Group & individual exercises
– Case Study
– Role Play
– Relevant Games
– Video Films

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