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The Management of Training – BANDUNG


29 Sept – 01 Oct 2010


Rp. 6,000,000,-/ person / Excluding VAT and Hotel Accommodation


Totok Krisdianto, MBA
Totok is a Senior HR trainer and coach. He is passionate about human resource training, coaching and sharing his skilled human resource knowledge with others.
His specialty is in the area of motivation, communication skills, leadership, managerial skills and personal development. Had an Instructor’s License of Dale Carnegie Leadership Program (1997) and attended several workshops on HR issues in Singapore (1997), Houston and Boston, USA (2000). He also has attended an Advanced Leadership Seminar in Hawaii, USA (2008). He has taken his Master Degree in Human Resources from Atma Jaya University, Jakarta (2004). His formal qualifications are supported by his extensive business background in several industries such as a Senior HR Advisor in ConocoPhillips and Medco Energy International.His clients cover businesses such as banks, insurance, pharmaceuticals, automotive, manufacturing, oil & gas industries and educational institutions.
Totok is currently holding the position of Associate Trainer

Jenny N. Soeseno
Jenny N. Soeseno earned her degree in psychology from University of Indonesia in 1978. She is vast experienced psychologist (assessor) and consultant as well as trainer in the areas of human resources, personality development and people skills. Ms. Jenny has facilitated a great numbers of workshop such as Service Excellence, Interpersonal Communication, Team Building, Stress Management, Openers & Icebreakers, Time Management, Leadership, Effective Communication, Presentation, Coaching and Counseling, Strategic Interview, Supervisory Development, Program Purna Bhakti, Problem Solving & Decision Making, Human Resources Management, Achievement Motivation Training, Management Conflict, Professional Secretary, Recruitment & Selection and just to name a few.
Prior to dedicated herself as a trainer, Ms. Jenny worked in various organization at various role and functions and among others are DDI, Gaia Solution, Tass Consulting, Focus Traco, LP Duta Bangsa, Astra International, John Robert Powers. Ms. Jenny is a certified various training program awarded by various internal and domestic institution such as Human Resources Development Program from LPPM, Assessment Skill from SHL Singapore, Targeted Selection for Interviewer from DDI International, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People from Covey Leadership Center- Jakarta, Facilitator Skill from DDI International-Jakarta and just to name a fewn


This workshop will provide to the participants both theory and practices of managing training programs effectively and efficiently. The role of the training professional in designing training plans, selecting and costing alternative delivery models, managing the implementation of training courses, and recording and reporting training outcomes will be the focus of the workshop. Furthermore, the true value of developing people is often considered to be difficult to measure and therefore, this workshop will assist you to adopt a business to enable your function to profile itself as a vital contributor to the future success in your organization.
Upon completion of this course, you will be able to:
– Determine organizational needs through performance analysis
– Plan for training as an organization by linking learning to strategic objectives
– Target training areas of greatest need and biggest payoff
– Manage the training design and development process
– Manage the training evaluation process
– Create tools that measure results in terms of reaction, learning, transfer, and organizational impact
Who Should Attend
– Training Professional, Supervisors, Coordinator and Managers and other Human Resources function staff who are in a position to formulate and implement the company’s HR development policies, and who have a responsibility for implementing them.
– Other Professionals who wish to acquire a set knowledge and skills to adopt a business approach to managing training and development in their owned department and people

Course Content

I. The Preparation Strategy To Conducting Training At Work
– Establishing The Training Objective Based On Individual Competency, Job Characteristics and Organizational Achievement
– Forecasting Allocation Budget For Each Training Who Will Be Conduct
– Planning For In House Training or Public Training
– Planning Will Be Conduct By Internal Trainer or External Expertise

II. Training Needs Assessment
– Training and Motivational Needs
– Motivation To Perform and Ability To Perform

III. Training Needs Analysis
– Analysis Knowledge, Skill, Attitude and Abilities To Perform
– Developing Training Relevant To Specific Job Related Tasks
– Analysis Which Ares Of Training Will Be Emphasiza
– Avoiding Miss Information When Collecting Data of TNA

IV. Sources Of Information On Training Needs
– Organizational Analysis
– Task Analysis
– Person Analysis

V. Training Design
– Behavioral Objective And Learning For Training Personal Assistants
– Using The Research On Learning In Training Design
– Mental Practice Of Physical Task
– Motivation and Learning Capability
a. Feedback
b. Reinforcement
– Individual Differences In Trainees
a. Intellectual Capability
b. Cognitive Or Learning Style
c. Personality
d. Attitude Toward learning
– Transfer Of Training

VI. Training methodology
– Sequencing Patterns Used In Ordering Instructional Content Of Training Session
– Choosing Training Techniques
-Techniques For Training Knowledge and Skill
-Techniques For Modifying Attitudinal States
– Site Specific Training Methods
a. Apprenticeship
b. On The Job Training
c. Vestibule Training
– University Education

VII. Training Program Evaluation
– Four Criterion measures of Training Effectiveness
a. Reaction measures
b. Learning Measures
c. Behavior Measures
d. Result measures
– Training Validity
a. Internal Validity or Training Validity
b. External Validity Or Transfer Validity
c. Threats To Validity
– Evaluation Research Design
– One Group Testing Designs
– Experimental Designs.
VII. Exercises and Action Commitment

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