Technical Report Writing : Reporting your Technical Project


13 – 15 October, 2010 / 27 – 29 October 2010

Jakarta / Yogyakarta

Rp. 5,200,000 per person Excluding VAT and Hotel Accommodation (Jakarta)
Rp. 6,250,000 per person Excluding VAT and Hotel Accommodation (Yogyakarta)


Tamzil Zainal


Every professional needs to write reports. He or she might prepare or contribute to annual, project or progress reports. At work, reports are a way of informing and persuading people as well as initiating change. Industry expects professionals to write well; therefore, the need for appropriate approach to written communications is critical. Professionals need words and their arrangements that communicate their ideas in simple terms. A well-structured report that has clear objectives will get more attention and is more likely to produce the intended results.

– Communicating information without the need of meeting
– Understand the audience
– Reports are not essays!
– Report writing process to achieve report objective/s
– What makes a good report?

Course Objectives
This workshop sets out
– To gain skills and techniques to enhance your writing skills
– Be able to choose the appropriate type of the reports and its corresponding format
– Identify the variety of reports and how each may require different planning and proficiency
– Learn how to develop concise, accurate, readable information and report that gets the customers, media, and the shareholders straight to the solution.

Attending this course will enable you to:
– Effectively communicate the message to the target audience
– Write concisely and accurately
– Choose the right type and format for the document
– Compose with correct grammar and effective sentence structure
– Proofread and edit
Prepare and present information appropriately

Who Should Attend
o Supervisors and managers, who
– want their reports to good use for themselves and when proof reading his/her subordinates reports.
o All professionals (Engineers and Non-engineers), who
– want to improve their report writing skills related to their profession as part of the necessity in the development of their career .

Course Content
What is report writing?
– In what way it differs from essays – Correctness, conciseness, clarity, concreteness, completeness,
– Every profession has its own specialized forms of reports
Understand your audience
– Use of materials – how, when, to whom
– Write your specific aim – the purpose and scope of your message, planning checklist
– Conveying to your audience – senior management and customers expectations
– Why writing is hard work? – imagine you have to write monthly management report!
Report writing process to achieve report objectives
– Planning – includes designing the report to produce a good structure,
– A good report structure, how it looks – good structure reports help the reader to think clearly
– Presenting the report professionally – editing is prerequisite!
– Communicating report electronically – with or without attachments
Collecting, sorting, preparing and presenting your information
– Assembling of the facts – the waste of too much information
– Making a start – planning what you need
– Method of presenting information – structuring for impact, graphic, drawing and diagrams etc.
– Report templates – standardized report for priority purposes
A note on use of English language
– The powerful plain language and active verbs – your audience is not always from your professional discipline
– Deadwood phrases you need to avoid in your reports – shorter, clear message is better
– Drafting your report – beware of the time limit of your reviewer!
Exercises: proofreading exercises
Final Note: building good habits

– Silahkan isi form dibawah ini jika anda ingin mendaftar :

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