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CDCP COURSE OUTLINE (Certified Data Centre Professional) – RUNNING


03 – 05 August 2016 RUNNING –
13 – 15 October 2016
01 – 03 December 2016


Hotel Santika Premier Hayam Wuruk Jakarta Pusat, Fave Kemang atau Amaris Tebet Jakarta Selatan ( Akan di informasikan di dalam surat konfirmasi pendaftaran Training)


Rp. 5.000.000,- (termasuk materi hand-out dan CD modul, 2x coffee break, makan siang dan sertifikat) belum termasuk PPN 10 %.


Dr.Ir Fauzi Hasan.,MM.,MBA

Memiliki pengalaman yang luas dalam IT Service Management (ITSM) selama lebih dari 20 tahun dengan implementasinya pada beragam industri dari industri telekomunikasi hingga manufakturing.Dr.Fauzi Hasan telah menunjukkan dedikasi penuh dan tak henti-hentinya terlibat didalam penerapan service management dan ITIL seperti yang ditunjukkan oleh keterlibatannya yang luas dalam banyak proyek implementasi ITIL dan penerapan ISO 20000 (ITSM).
Eksposur industri dan cakupan pengalaman implementasi berada dalam lingkup perusahaan berbasis teknologi tingkat menengah sampai industri berbasis padat teknologi tinggi dengan spektrum service delivery yang luas sesuai kebutuhan proses bisnis.
Dr.Fauzi Hasan telah memberikan kontribusi langsung untuk penyelesaian dan keberhasilan penerapan ITIL diberbagai bidang industri seperti: perbankan, Teknologi Informasi dan Telekomunikasi, manufaktur, industri Minyak dan Gas Bumi, dan industri jasa lainnya.

Pengalamannya terkait beragam model proses bisnis dan industri telah membantu Dr.Fauzi dalam menerapkan ITSM dan ITIL dengan efektif.
Dr.Fauzi Hasan adalah seorang profesional yang berdedikasi di bidang teknologi infiormasi khususnya ITSM,dan kaya dengan pengalaman praktis dan kerangka kerja yang efektif yang tercermin dalam praktek konseptual dan pelaksanaan ITSM dan pemetaan ITIL pada beragam industri.
Dia telah ditunjuk sebagai trainer bagi berbagai organisasi pelatihan Internasional seperti EXIN, ISACA, EC-Council dan lain sebagainya. Kualifikasi sebagai pengajar ITIL ditunjukkan dengan dimilikinya sertifikasi internasional Approved Trainer ITIL, dan sebagai implementor ITIL ditujukkan dengan dimilikinya sertifikat internasional ITIL Expert.
Dr. Fauzi Hasan adalah dosen senior untuk Tata Kelola TI (IT Governance) di program pasca sarjana universitas Indonesia di Jakarta dan beberapa universitas di Asia Pasifik, dan terlibat dalam beberapa proyek besar di beberapa negara(Saudi Telecommunication Services) di Riyadh, Orascom di Mesir,dan beberapa lainnya di Asia Pasifik, dan termasuk BUMN besar dan bank swasta di Indonesia (Pertamina, Bank Danamon, dll,)
Dalam karirnya Dr.Fauzi Hasan juga memberikan jasa konsultasi yang terkait untuk SupplyChain Management, keamanan TI dan tata kelola, pemodelan proses bisnis, audit TI, manajemen rantai pasokan (supply chain management), dan manajemen pemulihan bencana.
Dia memiliki eksposur yang ekstensif dan pada business process re-engineering, pemodelan dan implementasi teknologi informasi, demikian juga memiliki spesialisasi dalam Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) dan jaringan telekomunikasi.


CDCP COURSE OUTLINE (Certified Data Centre Professional)

Enterprises today rely on IT for the delivery of business critical services to the end consumer. Therefore it is paramount that the mission critical data centre is designed, maintained and operated with high-availability and efficiency. However the ever changing technologies put an increasing pressure on the data centre managers together with a faster pace in which these changes are required. In addition to this, there is a vast number of companies where the data centre is a shared responsibility between the IT and Facilities divisions, each having their own values and standards to which they believe a mission critical site ought to be running.

This course brings participants up to speed with the data center design, maintenance and operations, valuable lessons which will enable a hi-available, flexible, safe and efficiency mission critical data.

This three-day course has been designed to expose participants to the key components of the data centre. It will cover and impacts of key aspects like power, cooling, security and safety etc. to provide a highly accessible data facility. In addition, it will address key operations and aspects of maintenance. centre environment for both new and existing sites.


At the completion of the course participants shall benefit from the course such as:

  • Obtain an understanding about the infrastructure of the data centre
  • Learn both the standard and the best practices of a data centre professional
  • Gain awareness of potential environmental threats towards the data centre and solutions against such hazards.
  • Learn techniques to increase the efficiency of the data centre
  • Be able to perform maintenance on the data centre
  • Be aware of the safety and security practices at the data centre

Target Audience

This course is targeted towards professionals working in IT, Facilities or Data Centre Operations including those with the responsibility to achieve and improve the productivity of the data centre.

Participants who have any involvement in Data Center ‘s operations and have the need to understand the key components and aspects of mission critical Data Center facilities operation and maintenance. This would include such persons as: IT Service Delivery Managers, IT Marketing & Sales Reps, IT Department Managers, Network Managers, System integrator engineers, data center builders etc.

While there are no specific prerequisites for the CDCP course, participants who have at least one/two year(s) of actual working experience in a data centre/facilities environment are best suited.

Duration : 3 Days

Course Contents and Descriptions

Day 1

Data center design/life cycle overview

Overview of the phases of a data center life cycle Planning, re-alignment and continuous improvement

Tier levels

History of ‘tier level’ definitions Tier level definitions, categories and measure points

Redundancy options

Tiered Infrastructure Maintenance Standards (TIMS) Building considerations & standards

Floor loading requirements Fire rating for walls and glass Blast protection Bullet proofing

Forced entry protection

Advanced raised floor & suspended ceiling

Raised floor installation guidelines to ensure contractors install a proper closed and leveled raised access floor Choosing the right tiles and their locations Seismic mitigating floor constructions Choosing the right suspended ceiling

Advanced Power Power infrastructure layout:

Formulas which you should know for the data center Single Line Electrical diagrams; how to read them and ensuring key components are present for protection Over current protection devices (MCB/MCCB/VCB/ACB/ Fuses) definitions and what to use where Earth Leakage devices (RCB/RCD/ELCB/GFCI/ALCI/ RCBO), definitions and what to use where Lightning strikes and surge protection devices (TVSS/SPD), how they work and where to use and how to install a PDU/DB setup and minimum requirements


Component make up, Choosing the right one, Calculate required fuel storage tank capacity, Paralleling of gen-sets Meeting regulatory requirements

UPS systems:

Required specifications for UPS systems How to read data sheets and select the right UPS Requirements for parallel configurations and avoid pitfalls such as single point of failures How parallel installation should be done, classic mistakes which installers make and how to avoid them

Harmonic filters:

Type of filters available and which one to select depending on the application

Battery banks:

Designing battery banks, how to calculate, and double check, the battery bank to be installed Battery charging pitfalls and ensuring the right charger is being installed and used Using parallel battery banks; how to properly install them, limitations and risk when using batteries in parallel How to test batteries correctly and make decisions on cell/block or string replacement Battery casing choices; ABS, V0,V1,V2 Alternative energy storage; flywheel, re-useable cell etc.

Day 2

Advanced Electro Magnetic Fields

Differences between single, three phase and bus-bar EMF Options available to measure EMF and how to interpret the results from single axe and composite measurements Guidance on safe distance for equipment and humans Calculation of EMF attenuation factor for shielding Material permeability and saturation factors

Advanced Cooling

Environmental class definitions and thermal specifications Equipment airflow and Delta-T definitions and limits Planning for floor, rack and cooling equipment CFM requirement calculations and conversions Air-conditioner specifications and how to select the right air- conditioner with the right capacity and flow Techniques for optimization of air flow

Redundancy guidelines for air-conditioners (no, it is not just N+1….) Liquid cooling guidelines for data centers

Advanced fire protection

Fire triangle and elements to stop a fire Detection systems in detail (VESDA, VIEW, Smoke sensors) Considerations for installation of sensors Difference in water based systems i.e. dry- pipe, pre-action and why most of them don’t work and how to detect this Details on Inert, Halocarbon, fluorinated systems and how to select the right gas for your data center How to calculate the gas content ensuring the appropriate level is installed to suppress the fire Other requirements for gas systems (release times, hold times, pipe install requirements and other important factors Requirements for the fire panel Installation verification, what to check and how New fire suppression techniques which prevents fires from even starting…. No more fire suppression gas cylinders.

Cable management Data center infrastructure cabling In rack power and network cabling

Labeling based on TIA 606

Day 3

Environmental specifications

Acoustic noise regulations, specifications, effects and limits Data center contaminations and classifications Measurements, standards and limits Preventive measures and avoidance Electro Static Discharge (ESD)

Data center efficiency

Power efficiency indicators How to measure it and what are acceptable numbers compared to the general industry How to achieve power savings in the data center; various techniques to save energy in all parts of the data center i.e. application/system level, cooling, power distribution


This part of the training shall divulge and highlight to the participants practical and particular cases related to the subject of good asset recovery management.



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