Strategic Time Management – BANDUNG


4 – 6 October 2010

Hotel Grand Seriti Boutique Bandung


1. Rp 4.950.000/person (full fare) or
2. Rp 4.750.000/person (early bird, payment before 27 September 2010) or
3. Rp 4.500.000/person (if there are 3 persons or more from the same company)

1. Training Module
2. Training CD Contains Training Material
3. Certificate
4. Stationeries: NoteBook and Ballpoint
5. Jacket or Waistcoat or T-Shirt
6. Bag or Backpackers
7. Training Photo
8. Training Room with Full AC Facilities and multimedia
9. Once lunch and twice coffeebreak every day of training
10. Qualified instructor
11. Transportation for participants from hotel of participants to/from venue of training(if minimal number of participants from one company is 4 persons)


Mrs. Hendang Setyo Rukmi,MT is a professional instructor in business and management, especially regarding Financial Management, Cost Accounting, Human Resources Management, Organizational Behavior, Project Management, Engineering Economic, Marketing Management, and Feasibility Studies. She is undergraduate and master’s from ITB. She has international and nationally training experience, including Personnel / Human Resources Management (Laboratory for Management & Business Experts), Developing Through Effective Employee Competency Workshop (Nekstra Knowledge Center), Workshop on COMFAR III Expert and Application of COMFAR for Project Appraisal “(United Nations Industrial Development Organization) and others. she is lecturer in Engineering Industry ITB, in addition to that she also has professional experience at various companies such as PT. Pikiran Rakyat, LPPM-ITB and others.

Mr. Ir. Herra Henrakancana is a professional instructor in business and management, especially regarding Business Administration, Human Resource Management, Financial Management, and Engineering Economics. he is undergraduate from IPB. He has nationally training experience , including Leadership Training, Advanced Leadership, Training for Trainer, Supervisory Management Skill (T-Next Bandung), Root Cause Analysis(LAPI ITB & PT Hi Qualifa Bandung), Maintenance Management(PT D&G Bandung), Engineering Economics Analysis(PT SDM Bandung), Budgeting, Tax Planning, Postgraduate Course in Applied Management(LP2KS Jakarta), Credit Analysis(PMKP Bandung) and others. In addition he also has professional experience at various companies such as PT Media Sarana Cipta, PT SIS Industrial Services, PT Manajemen Qolbu, PT Perkakas Rekadaya Nusantara and others.


1. Analyzing the work into elements and describing the relative priority of each elements.
2. Applying some techniques and principles of time planning to improve short-term scheduling in an operating department.
3. To perform analytical, step by step time management.
4. To prepare plan to conserve time.

1. Management of Personal Time.
a. The important of Time Management.
b. Where the times goes.
c. Useful time.
d. Wasted time.
e. Personal Time Management Tools.
f. Conserving Personal Time.
2. Department Time Management.
a. Work Sampling Study.
b. Time Standards.
c. Components of Total Job Time.
d. Inherent Time.
e. Set-up Time & Lost Time.
f. Technical Time.
3. Discussion

Supervisors, Management level and Specialists who are involved with production operation, scheduling and time planning.

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