SOFT STARTER Maintenance and Troubleshooting – BANDUNG


22 – 24 Mei 2017
17 – 19 Jul 2017
21 – 23 Aug 2017
25 – 27 Sep 2017
16 – 18 Oct 2017
20 – 22 Nov 2017
18 – 20 Des 2017


Hotel di Bandung
Bandung (Hotel Kagum Group), Noor Hotel, Amarossa Hotel, Grand Setiabudhi Hotel, Ibis Hotel, Tebu Hotel, Papandayan Hotel, Digital Innovation Lounge (DILO).
Other Cities are available for request
Bandung, Jakarta, Yogyakarta, Surabaya, Bali

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Rp. 6.500.000/person (full fare)
Rp. 5.500.000/person (if there are 3 persons or more from the same company)

Facilities :
 Training Hand Out
 Digital Material
 Certificate
 Exclusive Souvenir
 Qualified Bag
 Training Photo
 Training room with full AC facilities and multimedia
 Once lunch and twice coffee break every day of training
 Qualified Instructor
 Transportation from airport / railway to hotel and from hotel to the training venue (3 person from one company)


Drs. HASAN SURYA, ST.,MT. and Team
since 1985 until now, he is active as a lecturer at electrical engineering Polytechnique ITB (POLBAN) and he is a head of department at electrical engineering until now. He has delivered some training topics related to his major expertise for many companies in Indonesia and many countries. As his study background, Drs. Hasan Surya was graduated his Bachelor degree and Master Program at Electrical Engineering department from Bandung Institute of Technology (ITB). He has been researching in electrical engineering and becoming speaker for some conference. Drs. Hasan Surya has also done research and reservoir or generator of energy project for some companies or institution, for example PLN, Indonesia Power, PAITON and many other electrical companies in Indonesia. All in all, he has got real experiences to share his knowledge and experiences to industrial world through training class.


SOFT STARTER Maintenance and Troubleshooting – BANDUNG

This training will teach all attendees basic soft starter theory, proper start-up procedure, proper operation and adjustment, complete programming, maintenance, troubleshooting and repair Soft starters. The participants will use available programming and troubleshooting tools to solve hardware and software related problems.
1. 3-Phase Induction Motor
2. Characteristics of 3-Phase Induction Motor
3. Starting System 3 Phase Induction Motors
4. Configuration and Topology The series Soft Starter
5. Power Semi-Conductor on the Soft Starter
6. Sensor and Signal Processing
7. AC to AC Converter
8. Automatic control systems
9. Control System Components
10. Protection System on the soft starter
11. Troubleshooting on Soft Starter


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