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24 – 27 May




Rp 8.500.000 / participant. Excluding VAT & Hotel Accommodation


Drs. Moehardjo

Mr. Moehardjo, graduated from the Faculty of Economic, University of Indonesia in 1966. The first ten year of his career was spent in Public Accounting Firm starting from Junior to Supervisor Auditor, during this time he has been trained and on the job as auditor in charge in the Philippine. In 1975 he starts working in the oil & gas industry as the Chief Accountant of Imco Services Indonesia. Join Mobil Oil Indonesia Inc, in 1980 as Associate Financial Analyst, his career path since then were Tax Manager, Audit Manager, General Accounting Manager and Financial Services Manager.

He has retired in1996, but was then become a Senior Finance Advisor of a large oil & gas company up to now. During his career in the company a lot of time were spent on finance, taxation, and auditing as well as training and on the job in the US on those subjects. During his retirement age, besides as a Senior Finance Advisor in a large oil & gas company, he also becomes a course leader and instructor for taxation, auditing and PSC’s financial.

On the professional organization, currently he is a Governor of the institute of Internal Auditor Indonesia Chapter, he has been active in the board of directors of the HA- Indonesia Chapter since 1989 when the HA Indonesia Chapter was established. He is also a member of the IFA and AFI Organization in Indonesia.

Jamaluddin Siregar, BBA, Sth, Dipl Int’l Management, MBA

Mr. Jamaluddin obtained his BBA degree from Nommensen University Medan North Sumatera, and his Diploma International Management degree from AGSIM Arizona USA. He also obtained his Master Business Administration (MBA) degree from PLM, Manila, Philippines. He has more than 20 years professional experience combined in the area of Accounting, Taxation, Insurance and Internal Audit. His career was started as Accounting Head Department with HUFFCO Indonesia in 1984 and worked in various position, including 2 years as controller and 4 years as Finance Manager, etc. He also worked in VICO Indonesia as Accounting, Tax and insurance Manager in 2001, and his last position is Internal Audit Manager.

Additionally, Mr. Jamaluddin also had attended so many training development and workshop such as Treasury Management The Euromoney Institute of Finance Singapore, General Insurance Insurance Institute for Asia and the Pacific Manila Philippines, International Financial Management of Oil & Gas Industry UTD Dallas USA, Corporate Ethics & Governance Workshop, Innovative Audit Report Writing and many more.


Production Sharing Contract is a unique concept for upstream business activities in Indonesia. The first PSC was implemented in Indonesia in 1966. Since then, development of the PSC Concept were complex and covered series of evidences in terms of legal, economics, and corporate taxation aspects. Effective November 2001 with the enactment of the Oil and Gas Law, there are tremendous changes in the development of PSC which now known as Cooperative Contract (KKS). Review of accounting principles and procedures, preparation of WP&B, AFE, POD, HARMONI III, as well as BPMIGAS FQR, are essentials. PSC Taxation is one of the topics that is very attractive to discuss.

This training is targeted to provide an understanding and mastering all aspects of the PSC financials operations including tax.


After completing to this course you will:
– Gain a thorough understanding of PSC Accounting, Budgeting, Reporting and Taxation;
– Up dating your current understanding on all aspect of PSC Concept;
– Know how to perform and control day to day financial activities in your company;
– Be able to set up a strategic planning on all aspect of financial aspect including taxation;

Who Should Attend ?

This course is available for staffs working in Finance, Accounting, Budgeting, Tax, Cost Control, Financial Analyst, and other Department such as Legal, Administration, and Operation.

Course Content

Overview of Upstream Oil & Gas Business Process

– Legal Aspects of PSC / KKS:
o Terms and Conditions
o Development of PSC

– PSC Cost Recovery Process:
o Analysis of Cost Recovery Elements
o Method of Recovery of Operating Costs
o Calculation of Production Sharing

Accounting Procedures

– Petroleum Accounting Principles:
o Successful Efforts
o Full Costs
o PSAK 29
o PSC Accounting Procedures
– Unitization
– Joint Interest Accounting

Budgeting Procedures & Process
– WP&B

Reporting System & Procedures
– BPMIGAS – Financial Quarterly Report

PSC Taxation
– Legislations
– Lex Specialist
– Current Issues

Case Study

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