Procurement Process: From Planning to the Execution


18 – 19 Agustus 2010

LP3I Building/ 3 Star Hotel – Jakarta

Rp. 2.500.000,-/peserta
Rp. 6.000.000,-/ 3 peserta (dari perusahaan yg sama)
Rp. 7.500.000,-/ 5 peserta (dari perusahaan yg sama)
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Early Bird sebelum 05 Agustus 2010 hanya Bayar Rp. 2.000.000,-
Special Bonus : CD Relaxing Therapy & Souvenir


Deni Danasenjaya, SE, MM

Mr. Danasenjaya has worked in logistics and banking operations since 1995. Parallel to his hands-on experience he has run numerous training courses on SCM, HSE as well as logistics & procurement strategy, and has written several articles and papers with topics in management, hidden cost in distribution and transportation, ISO 14000 and logistic. He spent several years working as Senior Assistant for PT. Bank Inter-Pacific Tbk. whereas beforehand he worked at PT. Bank Niaga Tbk and Logistic Services Provider Company in Jakarta. He now works as Logistics & Admin Manager at IRI (Jakarta-Aceh operations based) responsible for the entire logistics and administration operations, including but not limited to evaluate budget spent and its conjunction to related activities, analyze and scrutinize government rules and regulations as well as the impact on daily operations thus identifying an unexpected system failure or fraud in the company.
Mr. Danasenjaya is an active member of:
” Humanitarian Logistics Association (HLA), San Francisco, USA
” Emergency People’s Network (EPN), London, UK
” Indonesian Management Association, (AMA), Jakarta.
” Indonesian Logisticians Forum, (ALI), Jakarta.
” Indonesian Economic Graduate’s Association, (ISEI), Jakarta.
He received his bachelor’s degree in Management of Science from Mahardhika Economic School of Surabaya and master’s degree in Strategic Management and Business Planning from IPB of Bogor in 2003.


Procurement is the process to purchase of goods and services for institution needs. Businesses organization or institution set procurement policies that govern their choice of suppliers, products and the methods and procedures that are going to be use to communicate with their suppliers. For example, businesses often have set procedures for calling for and evaluating proposals. We knowing issues in procurement include:
1. Identifying the needs of customers and suppliers;
2. Choosing and preparing tools and processes to communicate with suppliers;
3. Preparing requests for proposals and requests for quotations;
4. Design policies and procedures for evaluating supplier quotes and performances.
This complicity is needed qualified, competent, well trainee, and high commitment of human resources for managing these procurement activities.

Tujuan Pelatihan :
Course participants will acquire skills and be able to effectively plan and carry out works, goods, services, and performance in managing and executing procurement functions in their business/organization entity.

Manfaat Pelatihan :
1. Understand procurement concept and principles,
2. Understand rules and ethics as per common practice and regulations
3. Understand cycles and administration process
4. Understand negotiation process
5. Understand how to deciding and selecting proper supplier and vendors

Materi :
1. Introduction to procurement concepts and principles
2. Procurement cycles
3. Procurement administration process
4. Sourcing methods
5. Legal aspect and contract drafting
6. Negotiation strategy
7. Procurement analysis and decision making process
8. Managing supplier performances
9. Accountability principles

Metode Pelatihan
a. Pemaparan materi menggunakan modul yang disesuaikan dengan output/ tujuan pelatihan ini.
b. Penyampaian materi diberikan dengan metode pengalaman, sehingga dapat sesuai dengan kondisi lingkungan kerja di perusahaan Anda.
c. Pemaparan materi menggunakan media Visual, Auditory, dan Kinestethic peserta.
d. Penyampaian materi selalu dibawakan dengan pendekatan Spiritual dan Emotional.
e. Penyampaian materi untuk menciptakan persepsi baru yang dapat merubah mindset dan pemahaman peserta pelatihan.

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