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21-23 Februari 2012 – PASTI JALAN


Hotel All Season Yogyakarta


Rp. 6.500.000 per peserta (Non Residential), Pelatihan ini akan berjalan jika kuota peserta minimal 3 peserta.


Ir. Widodo Haryono, Amd, ST, M.Kes.
Instruktur merupakan tenaga ahli bidang pengawasan pelaksanaan safety dari dinas Tenaga Kerja propinsi DIY.


A process safety management (PSM) is a part of safety management and engineering system. The PSM system aims to ensure that technology facilities such as chemical plants, refineries, gas processing plants and offshore drilling platforms and so high-risk industries have access to safe design and operation. This system is focused on prevention of major technological accidents such as: fire, explosion and leakage of toxic chemicals. They also is a management control process that includes plans, procedures, audit and evaluation for handling hazardous substances, these controls will contribute to help for identify, understand and control process hazards.
The PSM is not provided for management and the employees and contractors under workers management procedures, this is an executive tools for everyone involved. All stakeholders such as; managers, employees and contractors workers are responsible for the successful implementation the PSM. This system is started early in design stage, but they continuously improvement as well as technology changes.


On Successful completion of this program the participant will be able to:
– Learn the core concepts of fundamental Process Safety Management system & application in industry
– Understand how to modify & improve the existing Process Safety Management system without avoid the safety and business aspects
– Learn how implement the tools of cost effective system as a basic to control production program
– Have a detailed knowledge of the optimization of safety practices, in order to maximize facility and minimize risk with identify, understand and control process hazards.

Course Outline :

Day -1
1. PSM Fundamental
o PSM Issues
o Incident Losses
o PSM Model
o PSM & Operational Excellence
2. PSM Process
o Incident Causation & PSM
o Safety management System & PSM
o Process Safety Management System
o PSM Elements
3. Workshop: Incident Causation Analysis
4. PSM Element I
o Process Safety Information
o Process Hazard Analysis
o Pre-startup Safety Review
o Mechanical Integrity

Day -2
1. PSM Element II
o Employee Participation, Contractors and Training
o Operating Procedures and Hot Work Permits
o Management Of Change
o Incident Investigation and Emergency Planning and Response
2. Process Hazard Analysis Methodology 1
o Introduction
o Safety Review, Checklist Analysis and Preliminary Hazard Analysis
o What – if Analysis and Hazops
o Failure Modes and Effect Analysis and Fault Tree Analysis
3. Workshop 2 : Hazard Analysis
4. Process Hazard Analysis Methodology 2
o Introduction to Quantitative Risk Assessment
o Likelihood or Probability Analysis
o Impact Analysis
o Risk Matrix and Risk Acceptability Criteria

Day – 3
1. Incident Investigation
o Introduction
o Basic Investigation Techniques
o Incident Investigation Process and System
o Incident Investigation Recommendation
2. PSM Audit
o Basic Principles
o Management Control System
o PSM Audit Process and Activates
o PSM Audit Scoring
3. Workshop 3 : Safety Audit
4. PSM Implementation
o PSM Implementation Process
o PSM Implementation Key Success Factors
o Final Remark

– Presentation
– Discussion
– Casestudy
– Evaluation


– Safety Manager/Superintendent/Engineer/Planner/Supervisor
– Project, Maintenance Engineer
– Process & Manufacturing/Engineer
– Production Planner/Engineer/PPIC/Operation Engineer
– Professionals

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