Practical Modern Office and Filling Management


01 – 03 Dec, 2010


Rp. 6,000,000 per person Excluding Hotel Accommodation (Bandung)


Erawan Supriyatna, S. Kom & Team


The central challenge in the world of business and industry today, is the continued improvement of our business and organization. Secretary and experienced office support professionals play an increasingly vital role in helping the business and its organization in facing the challenge.

Employers expect and appreciate the higher level of skill and knowledge brought to the workplace by qualified staff who understand and able to promote a workplace in a modern office environment. They understanding on what the modern office management is and its requirement will help the office support professionals to optimize their contribution in supporting the overall company objectives. At this stage often they are able to obtain higher salaries and greater promotional opportunities.

Emphasis is placed on developing a high level of understanding through a discussion of required skills such as: computer proficiency, office technology, human resources management, knowledge of business and management concepts, managing information, office procedures, file/record management, work ethics in the workplace and effective communication.

The purpose of modern office management is to improve the productive contribution of workplace/office and people to the organization. The modern office management contribute to improved productivity directly by finding a better and more efficient ways to meet their objectives and indirectly by improving the quality of workspace, its related office technology and people skill.
Learner Outcomes

At the conclusion of this program, you should be able to:
– Discuss the central challenge facing our business and industry.
– Explain the purpose of the modern office management
– Identify and understand some basic requirements to have a modern office management in your organization.
Who Should Attend ?
This workshop is especially designed for the secretary and office support professionals who already have a background / work experiences in their current job.
Course Content
Basic Requirements of a Modern Office Management
Computer proficiency: All office support professional should have an adequate familiarity with selected computer-related topics, with a focus on developing a logical approach to problem solving utilizing computers as a productivity tool. They should also be familiar with application of computer-based integrated information systems.
Office Technology
Use of computer is one example of office technology applications. Other standard office technology applications are electronic mail, web hosting / homepage, local area network (LAN), Wide Area Network (WAN), Global Area Network (GWAN), PABX, Voice Mail, a telephone-conference and video conference capabilities, facsimile, copying machine.
Human Resources Management
The fundamentals of personnel policies and administration are available and have been introduced to all staff. Among topics should be included are recruiting, staff development, effective utilization of personnel, and the role of labor unions in industry.
Knowledge of Business and Management Concepts
The principles of management with emphasis on their application to business should exist as a normal practice in the organization. All staff should have familiarization with planning, organization, staffing, controlling and leadership.
Managing Information
The flow of information in the organization should be clearly understood by all staff level regardless of their position. Each level according to their responsibilities has a very critical and important role in making the flow of information able to support organization decision process.
Office Procedures
All staff should familiar with procedures for handling communication, completing business travel or conference arrangements, and gathering and presenting business data, basic office rules i.e. office hour, lunch hour, holidays, annual leave, ordering stationary and supplies, emergency procedure, dresses. Staff should understand the functions of various departments of a business and develop the ability to prioritize tasks and research and prepare specialized business documents.
File/Record Management
The office support professional should understand of the entire scope of record management such as alphabetic, numeric, geographic, and subject filing methods, equipment, and supplies. Practical application of record management principles is very important i.e. electronic filing techniques using computer databases, microfilm/micro-records management.
Work Ethics in the Workplace
All staff should be able to explain corporate values and establish work ethics in the workplace. Depend on the culture of the organization, work ethics from one organization to the other may vary significantly. Organization should be able to tell clearly the “DO and DON’T”  in their working environment.
Effective Communication
All support professionals should have the skills needed for effective communication in today’s complex and ever-changing business environment. The ability in analyzing the communication problem and finding the solution are very important. Everybody should be able to work with their boss effectively.

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