PLC INTEGRATION TO LAN/WAN : PLC Process Controller & Human Machine Interface Process Visualization – BANDUNG



21 – 24 Februari 2011


Hotel Golden Flower Bandung


Rp 7.250.000, exclude tax


DR. Ir. Edi Leksono, M.Eng. is alumnus from Physics Engineering Bandung Institute of Technology, ITB (Bachelor), Control Engineering Tokyo Institute of Technology Japan(Master), and Electrical engineering Keio University Japan. Now Dr. Edi Leksono is a senior professor at Engineering Physics ITB. He have been interacting with industry for more than 25 years for training, consultancy and project implementation in field of SCADA, PLC, DCS, Instrumentation and Process Control and also energy saving. He have taught most of companies in Indonesia for many topics related to his competencies and he has implemented real project in field for many companies in Indonesia. In his expertise in ITB, he have dedicated much scientific work, such as writing or translating text book, being researcher and publish to journal and being speaker in national and international conference.


HMI and PLC are main parts in automation control system. This training will elaborate training material content comprehensively consist of how PLC controller system work, how to program it, and to troubleshoot, and then to connect this system upward till HMI system, and these overall system integrated in LAN(local area network) system. Developing and running HMI system. This training is addressed to them who work in instrumentation and automation control system, electrical, maintenance and for them who want to know on this topic. This training will include practical aspect directly using related hardware and software and also theoretical aspects that supporting practical one.

1. Understand hardware and software system of PLC
2. Tobe able to program PLC with easy methode
3. Understand principles of HMI
4. Tobe able to develop HMI application
5. Tobe able to make connectivity between HMI application and controller device
6. Tobe able to operate developed HMI system
7. Understand concept of LAN/WAN
8. Tobe able to make connectivity between HMI system and dataserver system

1. Opening + Pretest
2. Overview of PLC System dan LAN
3. PLC Hardware: Rack, Power Supply and PLC Processor
4. Input Output Module(Analog and Descrete Module)
5. Wiring system and Communication Module
6. Sensor(Input Devices) and Actuator(Output Devices)
7. Interface Driver: Communication Software for Connectivity
8. PLC Configuration: Procedure for Running a PLC
9. Software programming: PLC’s Software Feature exploring
10. PLC’s Memory(Memory Types, Partitions and Use)
11. Numbering System: Miscellaneous and Use in PLC system
12. Addressing System: I/O Mapping system in PLC
13. Boolean Logic System: Fundamental PLC Programming Requirement
14. Bit Instruction : Rung and Attributes, Contact and Coil Representation, Contact and Coil Programming, More Complex Contact and Coil Programming
15. Timer Instruction and Counter Instruction: Fundamental Concept, Types and Function, Timer and counter Programming in PLC
16. Comparison Instruction and Math Instruction
17. Data Handling Instruction
18. Program Flow Instruction
19. Programming Methode: Programming PLC Using State Based Design
20. Introduction to Human Machine Interface(HMI)
21. Introduction to HMI Software Feature
22. HMI Window Maker(Developing Mode)
23. I/O Server and OPC Connection
24. HMI Tagname System
25. HMI Animation Connection
26. HMI Scripting System
27. HMI Realtime & Historical Trending
28. HMI Alarm & Event System
29. HMI Security System
30. HMI Operation
31. Discussion
32. Pos Test + Closing

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