Piping & Pipeline System (Base on ASME B31 Codes & API579 Standards) – BANDUNG


Bandung, 08-10 Desember 2010

Hotel Banana Inn Bandung


Rp 6.950.000,00/Peserta
Setiap peserta akan memperoleh ‘Certificate of Accomplishment’ dari WM Global Consulting, Gandaan Materi baik hardcopy (makalah) maupun softcopy (CD Materi), dan konsumsi (makan siang dan 2xmeals).


Dedi Lazuardi

· Engineer – Mechanical Engineering, ITB 1990
· DEA – Applied Mechanic in Materials sciences, Universite de Franche-Comte – BESANCON – FRANCE 1995
· Doctor – Sciences for Engineer, COMPOSITES, Universite de Franche-Comte – BESANCON – FRANCE 1998
Lecturer in Mechanical Eng. Departement – Facult



The global objective of the course is:

To give the participant the comprehensive knowledge of piping & pipeline system.

Each module has the specific objective:

· The participant will understand the difference both piping and pipeline system and what the necessities of each system.

· The participant will gain an in-depth knowledge of material specifications, mechanical properties of strength and toughness, and testing of materials.

· The participant will understand the pipe’s production processes, pipe welding and welding inspection.

· The participant will be introduced to the standard pipe (ASME B31 and API 579).

· The participant will understand the technical background to the design equations, and their application to the design of piping systems and pipelines.

· The participant will gain a practical understanding of piping and pipeline corrosion mechanisms, how to recognize them, classify them and resolve them.

· The participant will be introduce the nondestructive inspection and failure analysis.

· The participants will review case histories of field failures and will evaluate their cause and solutions to avoid recurrence.

Course Outline:

Day 1: Introduction, Material and Inspections Welding

1. Piping System

· History of Piping & Pipeline Technology

· Main Aspects of Piping system

· Main Aspects of Pipeline system

· Code, Standard and regulations

· Code and Standard for Pipe and pipeline

· Piping and pipeline life circle processes

2. Materials

· Practical Aspects of Metallurgical Properties

· Fabrication of Line Pipe and Forged Fittings

· Welding Overview of Pipe and Pipeline Welding Practice.

Day 2: Piping Design

1. Piping Loads

2. Piping Stress Analysis

3. Piping stress requirement

4. Piping span and expansion

5. Layout and pipe support

Day 3: Faiure analysis and Inspection

1. Failure in pipe and piping system

2. Failure Analysis

3. Corrosion

4. NDT

5. Case study.

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