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Informasi Training dan Seminar Tahun 2014 berhadiah langsung
Pelatihan di Yogyakarta
Pelatihan di Yogyakarta

[RUNNING] Petroleum Finance, Accounting & Cost Control – BANDUNG


16-19 Oktober 2012 – RUNNING



IDR 8.250.000 Person, (excluded tax 10% and accommodation)


Arsegianto, he is a Doctor at Department of Petroleum Engineering of the Institute Teknologi Bandung, Indonesia. He earned his Master of Science from University of Wisconsin, Madison (USA) at Department of Urban and Regional Planning in Major Energy Analysis, Policy and Planning. He obtained his Doctor from Asian Institute of Technology, Division of Energy Technology in Bangkok, Thailand.
He has been delivering training course in Economic, Finance, Marketing, Policy & Planning Analysis of petroleum & Gas Industry since 1992. he also has expertise in technical petroleum engineering. His professional experience include contributing author in many congresses conventions, exhibition, seminars, workshop, symposiums & conferences. His current membership of the International Association For Energy Economics (IAEE), Society of Petroleum Engineering (SPE), Society of Indonesia Petroleum Engineering, & Komite Nasional Insonesia – World Energy Council (KNI-WEC).

Drs. Effendi T. Siregar


Making the most efficient use of your financial resources is critical to the success of any producing company. Finance and accounting comprise the universal business language and help you manage your resources effectively. Planning and decision – making that occur in an informal financial context permit better application of recourse and promote competitive advantage. The aim of this course is to improve delegates’ job performance by enhancing their understanding of current international practices in finance and accounting within the E&P industry. This is achieved through an examination of: accounting standards, policies and practices in the oil and gas. An understanding of accounting also allows a company to trace a competitor’s actions from its financial statement and to plan accordingly. These concepts will be presented and reinforced using relevant examples and case studies. Participants are encouraged to bring their company’s financial reports.

– To Learn Basic of Technical Economics.
– To give comprehension of general management in oil field.
– To find out and analyze design in ‘Work Program and Budget’of oil company.
– Calculation and analysis of field profit determination.

– Reservoir Engineer
– Production Engineer
– Production Supervisor
– Economist and Accounting
– POD division

1. Overview of Petroleum Finance, Accounting and Cost Control.
– Methods to measure profit indicators.
– Determining choices from alternatives.
– Cost Analysis.
– Cost structure for Tax Calculation.
– Oil, Gas, and Energy prices.
2. Oil company business contract model in Indonesia.
3. Basic Reservoir Engineering.
4. Work Program and Budget.
5. General POD and AFE.
6. Government Tax and Non-Tax Revenue.
7. Determining Oil and Gas process.
8. Oil and Gas company management.
9. Risk and Sensitivity Analysis management.

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