Occupational Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) Aspects on Paper and Pulp Industry – BANDUNG



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July 5-8, 2011




IDR 8.250.000 ,-/ Person, (excluded tax 10% and accommodation)


Ir. Didi Sugandi Bc. M (*)

His formal educational background is Petroleum Engineer, he has 38 years work experience Oil / Gas / Geothermal Company (Stanvac, VICO, KBC, Sumitomo Corp, JOB Pertamina-Gulf, etc.) in Production Department (19 years), Manpower Planning & Development / HRD (2 years) and HSE (17 years), the last position was Senior Manager HSE include 13 years hands-on experience / practitioner as Internal & External HSE Auditor in Oil/Gas Company, Petrochemicals, Electric Power /PLTG / PLTU, Manufacturing, etc., as well as HSE Trainer / Instructor / Lecturer in various companies / industries beside Oil/Gas/Geothermal such as Petrochemicals, Fertilizer Plants, Coal, Electronics, Cement, Medicines / Pharmacy, Textiles / Garments, Rubber, PLN / PLTG / PLTU, etc. Now his position is HSE Management System Audit Coordinator.


Historically, industrial pulp and paper production was a semi – automatic process which required a great deal of manual intervention and there are some types of exposures to potential health and safety hazards such as physical, chemical and biological hazards which may be expected in each process area and these hazards will affect to employees from other areas may also occur depending on weather conditions, proximity to sources of exposure, and whether they work in more than one process area ( e.g. , quality control, general labour pool and maintenance personnel ). Also there are some environmental issues such as air pollution issues, water pollution issues and solid wastes handling. Due to these health, safety and environmental hazards, the Management and all employees of paper and pulp industry should set-up and implement HSE Management System and Procedures to handle the above HSE aspects in preventing and reducing accidents and losses : harm to people, damage to property or equipment, loss to process and damage to environment.


After attending this course, the participants will be able to :

· Know, understand and implement Government HSE Regulations and Procedures

· Analyze causes and effects of losses

· Identify the sources of pollution within the process & implement control technologies

· Set-up and implement HSE Programs in preventing and reducing accidents & losses


Introduction to HSE Government Regulations & Procedures, especially in Paper and Pulp Industry
Causes and Effects of Loss
Management Control of Loss
General Profile of Paper and Pulp Industry
HSE Aspects on Major Sectors and Processes ( i.e. Wood Handling, Mechanical Pulping, Chemical Pulping & Recovery, Sulphate Pulping & Recovery, Sulphite Pulping & Recovery, Bleaching, etc. )
Occupational Hazards and Controls ( i.e. Safety Hazards, Physical Hazards, Chemical Hazards and Biological Hazards )
Environmental and Public Health Issues
Permit to Work System, Lock Out & Tag Out ( LOTO ), Working at Height
HSE Planned Inspections and Audits
HSE Personal and Group Communications
HSE General Promotions
Case Study, Group Discussions and Presentations, Safety Films / VCD Show
Pre-Test, Post-Test and Course Evaluation


Managers, Superintendents, Section Heads and Supervisors who involve in Paper and Pulp Industry, especially but not limited from the following departments : Production, Transportation, Maintenance, Logistics/Warehouse, HSE/SHE/EHS, Support Services, Medical/Clinic, Security, Engineering, etc.

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