Modern Safety Management for HSE Professional – BANDUNG



Bandung, January 18 – 19, 2011


Amaroossa Hotel – Bandung, West Java

Rp 3.500.000,- (Three Million Five Hundren Thousand Rupiahs). The tuition fee included instructor fee, hand out, lunch, 2x coffee break, training kit and certificate.


Ir Jonathan Sembiring , MM
Hands-on experience with more than 20 years in Health, Safety, Environment and Productivity in various multi national companies ,ranging from mining, oil and gas, petrochemical and manufacturing


Upon completion of this course the delegates will have a firm understanding of Modern Safety Management.
The delegates will be provided with the tools and training to allow them to carry out basic hazard identification and risk assessments in their workplaces.
This will equip the participants to control incidents and accidents in their workplaces hence making it safer place to work and ensuring the maximation of profits for the Company due to the reduction in accidental losses.


It is pre requisite of the majority of activities in any organization that risk assessments are carried out before tasks are carried out. This course will ensure participants:

able to do risk assessment in their workplace
able to identify and control unsafe acts and unsafe conditions
able to prevent incidents and accident in their workplaces.
able to impllement saftety principles and programs to achieve company’s health, environment, and safety goals.
empower every delegate to make meaningful contribution the safety efforts in their workplaces.
enhance safety awareness of the participants


Lecture, Interactive participation, group discussion, quiz, video, case study.
Training will use theoritical and practical training techniques to introduce the concepts of modern safety management techniques.


  • Course aims
  • Why safety and risk management is important to everyone
  • Behavior Based Safety (BBS)
  • Accident prevention
  • Loss Causation Model
  • Risk assessment methodologies (HIRAC)
  • Job Safety Analysis (JSA)
  • Hazard Identification in the workplace
  • Emergency Preparadness and Response
  • Fire Hazards and Fire Safety
  • Electricity Hazards
  • Earthquake Hazards
  • Occupational Health and Safety Management System (OHSMS)
  • Cases study
  • Emergency Response Table-Top Drill
  • Review
  • Closing

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