Mentoring, Coaching and Counseling for Success


Jakarta 13-15 Okt 2010
Yogyakarta 27-29 Okt 2010


Rp. 6,250,000,-/ person Excluding VAT and Hotel Accommodation (Yogyakarta)
Rp. 5,200,000,-/ person Excluding VAT and Hotel Accommodation (Jakarta)


Totok Krisdianto


Every employee can reach higher levels of performance, including average and best performers. What they need is a manager who can coach: someone who can routinely observe, assess, and interact in ways that develop and maximize their individual effectiveness. This program is beneficial for us to raise their potential and level of performance.

– Identify various techniques in coaching and counseling
– Identify the qualities required to be a good coach and counselor
– Develop the ability to coach and counsel employees
– Understand what employees seek in coaching and counseling
– Apply coaching and counseling skills to a variety of management roles including trainer and mentor
– Develop effective listening skills and questioning skills

Who Should Attend?

Managers, supervisors and anyone who want to improve results and get higher performance from their team.

Course Content

– Coaching vs counseling
– Benefits of good coaching and counseling
– Goals of good coaching and counseling

Qualities of a good coach and counselor
– Characteristics
– Body language and attitudes

What do the employees want?
– Understanding employees wants and needs
– What motivates your employees

How to ask good questions
– The different types of questions
– Purpose of asking questions vs advising
– Closed and open questions

How to be a good listener
– How communication works
– The 7 keys to effective listening

The coach and counselor as mentor
– Types of mentoring
– Qualities of an effective mentor
– Mentoring to motivate

Problems in coaching and counseling
– Resistance to change
– The coach and counselor

Handling Feedback
– Getting effective feed back
– Giving effective feedback

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