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IT Project Management


24 – 25 November 2010

Training Room Mitra Karya


4.000.000 Exc Vat 10%


Ir Edmon Wedi, PMPĀ®.
Memiliki pengalaman lebih dari 25 tahun di bidang : Oil & Gas Construction, Civil Construction, dan Consultan Technic. Memulai karir di bidang pendidikan formal dan non formal semasa kuliah, di bidang Technic Construction dan Technic consultan setelah selesai kuliah. Aktif mengajar di bidang Technic Construction, Project Control, Software Technic application, dan Project Management


Introduction IT Project Management is the biggest challenge of today especially in the area of software development and implementation. Total US project waste was USD 55B out of USD 255 billion spent in IT projects. Application Development Projects reported 34% success in 2003. Discover how to apply good practices in the area of IT development and PMI knowledge areas so as to implement with governance and productively. It is applicable for participants who are already involved in a project but have not gone through any formal trainings or methodologies.

Course Overview
– Why projects fail
– Critical success factors

– Best practices of Project Management :
PMI and the 9 knowledge areas
– Differences between Project Life Cycle & Project Management Life Cycle
– IT Project Life Cycle (Methodologies ; CMMI)
– Various controls and how and when to implement
– Well Defined Scope (WBS ; Estimation Methods ; Change Request Management)
– Manage the Triple constraints of a project (Develop & Implement realistic Schedules ; Budgeting & Cost Control ; Quality Assurance & Control)
– Human Resource Selection & Management (Personality Profiling ; Conflict Management)
– Effective communication with Stakeholders (Procurement Processes including type of Contracts ; Manage uncertainty with Project Risk Management ; Soft skills required to manage)

At the end of this course, participants are able to :

– Project Management concepts & skills and principles (moulded around PMBOKĀ®)
– Needed in an IT project
– How to plan & control complex projects
– Learn about Stakeholders including customer of a project and how to communicate
– Develop a concrete plan to implement projects on leaving the course

All those who will be involved in Managing an IT project

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