Introduction to Office Basic Skills For Secretary and Assistant Administration


Bandung 20-22 Okt 2010
Jakarta 27-29 Okt 2010


Rp. 6,000,000 per person Excluding Hotel Accommodation (Bandung)
Rp. 5,200,000 per person Excluding Hotel Accommodation (Jakarta)


Erawan Supriyatna, S. Kom & Team


This Microsoft Office Word 2007 Essentials Course will provide you with the training necessary to create and share documents through the new, easy-to-use interface of Word 2007. You will learn the improved features, new capabilities, how to quickly produce documents from predefined parts and styles, and go beyond documents to important business processes.

The new Microsoft Office Excel 2007 essentials and private Course will lead you through the new results-oriented interface of Excel 2007. You will learn how to create more professional-looking charts, dynamic worksheets, share data with enhanced security with your coworkers, customers, and business partners, and manage your business information more effectively.

This Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2007 Special Course will lead beginners and experts through the new, intuitive design of PowerPoint 2007. You will learn the tools to create and modify presentations, prepare presentations for delivery, working with pictures and shapes, adding animation, and advanced presentation delivery options.

– Provide basic and better understanding of the new Word, Excel, and PowerPoint 2007
– Familiarize and updates the participant with the necessary or relevant day-to-day tools, tips, and tricks in order to do their job with all the software.
– Understand & work more effectively with the teams, staff, and managers of the organization in order to execute and tasks and projects with the new 2007 software.

Who Should Attend
– Familiar with previous version of Microsoft Office (Microsoft Office version 2003 or XP)
– Using these two products extensively in the past (Minimum 1 year of experience in the previous job/position)
– Willing to learn and explore something new, not afraid to make mistakes and errors.

Training Method
1. 25% Theory
2. 75% Practices (Steb by step from using application electronics document management system software).
3. Dynamic and interactive training presentation

Course Content

Word Highlights – Learn how to:
– Easily and quickly create and format documents using QuickStyles and Document Themes.
– Communicate more effectively with SmartArt diagrams and new charting tools.
– Save your document as a PDF or XPS file directly from Office Word 2007.
– Reduce your file sizes and improve corrupt file recovery, providing savings to storage and bandwidth requirements, and reduce the burden on IT personnel.
– Work with long and complex documents more easily with bookmarks, footnotes, endnotes, and table of contents.

Excel Highlights – Learn how to:
– Find the appropriate tool commands that you want, when you need them.
– Import, organize, and explore data with expanded spreadsheets, with a bigger grid that supports multi-core processor platforms.
– Create and use interactive PivotTable views that enable you to retrieve data to help you answer multiple questions.
– Share spreadsheets and ensure you and your organization work with the most current business information.
– Consolidate data using position, category, and three dimensional formulas

PowerPoint Highlights – Learn how to:
– Create professional, high-impact presentations to share within or outside of your organization.
– Reuse content from one presentation to another with PowerPoint Slide Libraries.
– Convert your presentations to PDF or XPS for easy sharing and extra security.
– Use custom layouts to assemble presentations without cutting and pasting.

– Silahkan isi form dibawah ini jika anda ingin mendaftar :

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