Information System Strategy/Master Plan Course



24 – 25 February 2011

Aryaduta Hotel Semanggi / Harris Hotel Jakarta ( Tebet )

Investment/Person : Rp 3.500.000,- ( Full Fare )
Early Bird : Rp 3.200.000,- (Paid 4 days Before 24 February 2011)
Group Price : Rp 9.000.000,- (3 participants from the same company)



Having vast experience in the project management area with areas of exposure such as: banking IT & Telco, manufacturing, Oil and Gas industries, enhanced with application of business process improvement procedure in line with CMMI methodology; while also delivering consultancy in IT strategy and audit, and supplemented with direct involvement in the setting up of BCP and DRP complementing the establishment of DRC for local Indonesian banks and government institutions.

Business development and sales executive experienced in direct operational involvement in the information technology and telecommunication services. Major focus in satellite-VSAT/DMV/ ISBN and wireless OFDM, CDMA and embryonic form of 3G services, while having vast experiences for combined Telco solutions with diversified media and technology platforms applied in diversified Industry.


This class is intended as comprehensive preparation and enhancement in the Information Technology skill focusing in information technology strategy and master plan, which is essential to professionals involving in the IT and implementation strategy implementation. The course shall provide the participants with an understanding of the contemporary technological and organizational issues involved in the management of in formation technological esources at strategic level.

The role of information systems in providing competitive advantage and the frequent need for business re-engineering that accompanies adoption of new technology are discussed. Stategic IT planning and the evaluation process to ensure proper alignment of technlogyto business goals are also explained. Global IT issues are also considered..


Upon completion of this subject, participants should be able to:
• Recommend an IT architecture that will create a competitive advantage
• Identify projects within an organization that would benefit from business process reengineering (BPR)
• Determine IT planning methods that support strategic development within an organization and make an effective contribution to the IT planning process
• Assess the effectiveness of IT infrastructure in meeting organizational objectives
• Identify IT strategies to support the firm’s global business goals and operation

Pelatihan ini menggunakan metode interaktif, dimana peserta dikenalkan kepada konsep, diberikan contoh aplikasinya, berlatih menggunakan konsep, mendiskusikan proses dan hasil latihan.

1. 50% Theory
2. 50% Practices
3. Dynamic and interactive training presentation.
Segment 1: Introduction to IT strategy and Master Plan
Course participants are introduced to the concept of IT strategy and IT Master Plan within diversified perspectives as related to management information system, the resources and tools are described in the direction of IT/IS strategy and master plan.

Segment 2: Strategic System
The segment looks at how IT may be used to give firms a competitive advantage. Students learn how to link IT applications with business strategies within an organization and to identify strategic business opportunities that IT can help create. Different models of competition, such as the extended rivalry model, generic strategies model and value chain model are examined.

Segment 3: Information Technology and Re-engineering
Information Technology can be used to enable business process reengineering, a powerful management technique characterized by critical scrutiny of business processes followed by their redesign. The different types of business process reengineering projects are discussed. Students learn how to apply the process and evaluate the impact of Information Technology on business process reengineering in organization

Segment 4: Information Technology Planning
Strategic Planning within an organization must involve Information Technology Planning to align the overall business plan of the firm. Participants explore ways in which IT enables a firm to fulfill its strategic objectives and some of the challenges faced by organizations while conducting IT planning Commonly- used approaches – the critical success factors approach, contingency approach and business systems planning approach – are reviewed, along with best practices in IT planning

Segment 5: Information Technology Evaluation
The segment describes ways in which you can assess the costs and benefits of IT deployment, at the economy level and at the level of the firm. Economic evaluation techniques are explained, as are complementary evaluation methods to examine IT performance. Service level agreement monitoring and the user satisfaction measurement are among the method covered

Segment 6: Global Information Technology
Students are introduced to some of the challenges relating to the management and deployment of IT on a global scale. A global information systems strategy can help organizations improve business co-ordination of worldwide activities and exploit supply chain efficiencies. It is, however, important to ensure effective planning and communications, as development and implementation of global IT systems are typically centered in different locations.


• Managers seeking to improve business productivity through IT application
• Decision makers involved in developing and evaluating strategic IT plans
• Executives involved in the management and governance of IT resources
• IT practitioners wishing to enhance their knowledge of strategic business applications
• beyond technical

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