Drs. Achmad Sablie (psi)

Drs Achmad Sablie (psi) adalah HRD Consultant dan Professional Trainer yang memiliki pengalaman lebih 25 tahun di bidang HRD. Beliau pernah menduduki jabatan penting di berbagai perusahaan ternama antara lain Head of Human Resources Division Rajawali Citra Televisi Indonesia (RCTI), Human Resources Director Hero Group of Companies, Deputy General Manager Human Resources Division Bank Swasta,Personnel Administration Coordinator Huffco /VICO Indonesia, Personnel Manager/Human Resources Manager PT Raja Garuda Mas, Personnel Manager/Human Resources Manager PT Semen Cibinong.

Sarjana lulusan Fakultas Psikologi Universitas Indonesia, dan beberapa pelatihan/courses di Inggris, Amerika, Singapore dan Malaysia ini , kini aktif memberikan berbagai seminar dan pelatihan dibidang Psikologi, Komunikasi, Public Relations, Manajemen Sumber Daya Manusia, dan Leadership.


Ir. Joko Margono, MBA

Ir. Joko Margono, MBA graduated from Bachelor Degree of Civil Engineering, Surabaya Technology Institute. During his career as a head inspectorate at several companies in Indonesia, he also earns his Business Master Degree of Belgium University.

In additional his experiences, he lead various courses such as Supply Chain Management, Logistic & material Management, The Art & Power of negotiation, team Building, Problem Solving & Decision Making, Owner Estimate Analysis and many others.

Active as a leader, he is also actives as American Railway Engineering and Maintenance of Way Association and as a Chairman Representative Information Centre West Java of Forum on Good Corporate Governance Indonesia (FCGI).


DR. Ir. Tri Wibowo, M.Sc

DR. Ir. Tri Wibowo, M.Sc graduated from Metallurgy Engineering of Mining Department, Institute of Technology Bandung in 1979. After graduated from ITB he worked as Research Engineer. In 1985 he took master degree in Tribology of Metallurgy and Material Engineering Department, Vanderbilt, Nashville, Tennessee University USA and Five years latter he continued his study by taking PhD degree in Mechanic Metallurgy and Material Engineering Department, KU, Leuven, Belgie.

In his study periods he had a lot of experiences in industrial, for example, in 1980 he was a Research Engineer. In the same time he responsible for Material Identification, In-Situ Metallographic, Remaining Life Assessment and Failure analysis in refinery plants of many cases in oil and gas industries. From 1999 on, he is a leader of laboratory for failure Analysis and Remaining Life Assessment (FARLA)

As a matter of fact, he is a lecturer in Post Graduate on Manufacturing in Mechanical Department of ISTN (National Institute for Science and Technology). Other than teaching, he actives as a free-lance instructor for educations, trainings or courses in the field of material of selection, failure analysis and remaining life assessment, tribology and material testing. Mr. Wibowo is also active as member of Expert Committee in INDOCOR (Indonesian Corrosion Association) and Indonesian Engineer Association member (PII). Lot of his experiences in the field of failure analysis so he published many papers in the field of failure analysis, remaining life assessment, fatigue of metal, corrosion and related topics in journals, seminars or symposium in Indonesia.


Ir. Wahyu Priatna Affandi,M.Si

Ir. Wahyu Priatna Affandi, M.Si. Is an independent consultant for oil and gas company in Indonesia. His career was begun at VICO Indonesia a major oil and gas producer formerly named Huffco in East Kalimantan from 1982 till 2000. During his career at VICO he exposed to various jobs and responsibilities such as Reservoir Engineering, Production Operation, Crude Oil Lifting Coordination, and HSE (Health, Safety & Environment) matters. One of his remarkable achievements was successfully setting up and implementing EMS ISO 14001 at VICO Indonesia.

To enhance his knowledge and expertise, he got many courses participation both in-country or overseas for production operation and especially in environment engineering i.e: Advance EMS and Auditor ISO 14000, Marine Pollution Control and Exercise, Oil Spill Handling, AMDAL Type A & B, Modern Safety Management System, etc.

He is also active as speaker at national and in international environment forums, gives and training to several oil & gas, and petrochemical industry.

He graduated from Petroleum Engineering ITB in 1982. As well as holding Master Degree in Environment Management from Padjajaran University and Twente Enschede of Netherlands, he is also having an international certification as EMS and ISO 14000 Auditor, EARA Course No: 00300, ANSI-RAB No: EMS 608. Certificate. No. UK/170100/013.


Deni Danasenjaya, SE, MM

Mr. Danasenjaya has worked in logistics and banking operations since 1995. Parallel to his hands-on experience he has run numerous training courses on SCM, HSE as well as logistics & procurement strategy, and has written several articles and papers with topics in management, hidden cost in distribution and transportation, ISO 14000 and logistic. He spent several years working as Senior Assistant for PT. Bank Inter-Pacific Tbk. whereas beforehand he worked at PT. Bank Niaga Tbk and Logistic Services Provider Company in Jakarta.
He now works as Logistics & Admin Manager at IRI (Jakarta-Aceh operations based) responsible for the entire logistics and administration operations, including but not limited to evaluate budget spent and its conjunction to related activities, analyze and scrutinize government rules and regulations as well as the impact on daily operations thus identifying an unexpected system failure or fraud in the company.
Mr. Danasenjaya is an active member of:

  • Humanitarian Logistics Association (HLA), San Francisco, USA
  • Emergency People’s Network (EPN), London, UK
  • Indonesian Management Association, (AMA), Jakarta.
  • Indonesian Logisticians Forum, (ALI), Jakarta.
  • Indonesian Economic Graduate’s Association, (ISEI), Jakarta.

He received his bachelor’s degree in Management of Science from Mahardhika Economic School of Surabaya and master’s degree in Strategic Management and Business Planning from IPB of Bogor in 2003.


DR. Ir. Antarikso Abdulrahman, MBA, CPIM

is an expert in operations management both as an academician and a practitioner. He is a graduate of the Mechanical Engineering Department of ITB, and he received an MBA degree from the University of Wisconsin (Madison, WI, USA). His doctoral degree is from the Smeal College of Business Administration of the Pennsylvania State University (University Park, PA, USA). He is Certified in Production and Inventory Management (CPIM) by the American Production and Inventory Control Society (APICS), USA. He is a member of APICS, SME (Society of Manufacturing Engineers), USA and CIPS (Chartered Institute of Purchasing and Supply), UK.


Drs. Elyus Lanin, M.Si

has worked with many nationwide most wellknown organizations & companies, to include Department of Foreign Affairs, PT. Jamsostek, PT. Industri Pesawat Nusantara, RCTI, Bank Indonesia, PT. Kertas Kraft Aceh, PT. Jasa Raharja, PT. Indosat Tbk, PT. Telkom Tbk, BCA, PT. Unilever, HMS Sampoerna Tbk, PT. Freeport Indonesia, PT. Pupuk Sriwijaya, PT. Timah Tbk, Pertamina, PT. Krakatau Steel, PT. Wijaya Karya, PT. Tambang Timah Bukit Asam, Garuda Indonesia, Indomobil, Bappenas, Bank Mandiri, PT. Askes and more; either as a consultant or professional trainer.

He applies his 15-plus years of management experience and expertise in human resources functional and management to delivering messages that focus on simple solutions to common, personal and organizational problems on each of his assignment. His field of expertise including structuring company’s organizational chart, job descriptions & specifications, payroll systems & models, thus it’s functional.

When it comes to motivating and training people, Mr. Lanin is a simply entertaining, energetic and effective motivational keynote trainer/speaker who has presented over 200 training classes and seminars to include Effective Decision Making, Training for Trainers, Leadership & Selling Skills and last but not least Presentation Techniques.


Fauzi Hasan

Having vast experience in the project management area with areas of exposure such as: banking IT & Telco, Manufacturing, Oil and Gas industries, enhanced with application of business process improvement procedure in line with CMMI methodology; while also delivering consultancy in IT strategy and audit, and supplemented with direct involvement In the setting up of BCP and DRP complementing the establishment of DRC for local Indonesian banks and government Institutions. Business development and sales executive experienced in direct operational involvement in the information technology and telecommunication services. Major focus in satellite-VSAT/DMV/ ISBN and wireless OFDM, CDMA and embryonic form of 3G services, while having vast experiences for combined Telco solutions with diversified media and technology platforms applied in diversified Industry.


Dra. Melani K. Harriman, Ak, MBA, CFA

has trained corporate finance and risk management subjects at the University of Indonesia, IBII and Binus in Indonesia. She is determined to introduce the practice of Value Based Management (VBM) to Asia. She believes in VBM’s contribution to corporate success and the Asian economy. She studied from Joel Stern, the promoter of a Value Based Management System known as Economic Value AddedTM at the Australian Graduate School of Management, the University of New South Wales, where she earned her MBA.

She worked in various divisions within PT Astra International in Indonesia, was involved in restructuring and corporate actions in 1992-1998. She worked with a holding company of the Indonesian Bank Restructuring Agency in 2000-2002. Initiating Stern Stewart consultancy in Indonesia since May 2005, she has been the managing director for Indonesia in 2006. In mid 2007 she was appointed the Director of Business Development for Asia. In February, 2008 she decided to be an independent speaker and trainer to share her experience and knowledge. In 2006 Melani took part as a judge in State Owned Enterprise Award, in 2007 she was a judge in Regional Government Owned Enterprise Award and LQ 45 Award for financial performance. Her believe of a balanced and holistic life brings her to learn and practice Neuro-Semantics, yoga, reiki, physical exercise and healthy diet. Always updates her knowledge for the latest findings, it is her passion to share this experience and knowledge for living optimally as an individual and in business.


Ir. Tri Prakosa, M.Eng

seorang instruktur professional untuk beberapa topik seperti: Manual dan Laser Alignment, Getaran & Isolasi Getaran, Analisis Getaran Struktur dan Permesinan, Advanced Vibration Monitoring and Troubleshooting, dll.

Mr. Tri lulusan dari Teknik Mesin, ITB dan mengambil gelas Master of Engineering di Kyoto University, Jepang.

Beberapa proyek pernah ditanganinya, seperti: Gas Turbine – Compressor sets Reliability, Availability and Maintability Enhancement Project, Pertamina Klayan, Basic and Applied Theory for Maintenacne Technician Training – TOTAL Indonesia, Pengukuran Getaran dan Analisis ODS – Unocal.


Tugiman Binsarjono, SE, MM, BKP

WTC (Writer Trainer Consultant), berpengalaman di lebih dari 15 tahun sebagai pemeriksa pajak, auditor di kantor akuntan publik, PMA, konsultan, trainer dan penulis. Saat ini aktif sebagai Writer, Trainer & Consultant di bidang perpajakan.


Alviko Ibnugroho, SE, MM

Beliau adalah praktisi yang masih aktif disalah satu perusahaan swasta yang pekerjaannya banyak terlibat didalam negosiasi, sales & marketing strategy. Selain bekerja diperusahaan swasta, beliau juga aktif mengajar di berbagai tempat dengan topik yang sesuai dengan keahliannya. Pendidikan formal diambil dari Universitas Parahyangan Bandung dengan jurusan Management.



As a founder and Managing Director of Multi Training Center. He has hands-on experience as a HRD Manager in one prestigious company in Indonesia for more than 7 years and Master Trainer in Dale Carnegie Indonesia for several years. He also has more than 18 years experience in training development industry and lead more than 1.680 batches training development programs in many topics for domestic and international companies


Cerah Iskradono, MM

Berpengalaman mengajar (lebih 200 X Angkatan) .di Garuda Indonesia, Bank Bukopin, Travel Agent, Cargo, Jasa Marga, Instansi Pemerintah, Rumah Sakit, Jasa Outsorcing, dsb.Beliau sering diminta menjadi “Guest Speaker” spt : di GAFEKSI, PT TIKI, Customer Service Club DKI, Public Seminar di Bidakara, Trainer’s Club Indonesia-JKT, Seminar Nasional Penerbangan, dsb. Beliau saat ini masih menjabat sebagai Kepala Departemen Training pada perusahaan Swasta Multinasional, sebelumnya mengabdi di Garuda Indonesia lebih 20 th, menyelesaikan Pendidikan S2, dengan Konsentrasi Manajemen SDM di STIE-IPWI, JKT. Disamping itu banyak mengikuti pendidikan non formal baik didalam maupun luar negeri, seperti Service Excellence di Geneva, Swiss; Management di Asian Instutute of Manila (AIM), Manila; Management of Training & Development di Malaysia;. Konferensi HRD Airlines di Philipinna, Bangkok, Afrika Selatan, Nepal, Mauritius dsb.


Avanti Fontana, Ph.D., CF., CPBC

Avanti Fontana, Ph.D., CF., CPBC
lahir di Jakarta tahun 1970. Ia memperoleh gelar doktor bidang manajemen dengan kajian disertasi doktoral bidang Manajemen Inovasi dan Teknologi pada Departemen Strategi dan Manajemen ESSEC Business School (Ecole Supérieure des Sciences Economiques et Commercial), dan Program Pascasarjana Departemen Manajemen dan Organisasi pada Universitas Paul Cezanne Aix-Marseille III, keduanya di Perancis. Gelar DEA atau Magister Sains dalam bidang Strategi dan Manajemen dari Universitas Paris X Perancis dengan kajian Strategi Produksi dan R&D Internasional. Gelar Sarjana Ekonomi diperolehnya dari Fakultas Ekonomi Universitas Indonesia dengan spesialisasi ekonomi moneter. Ia melewatkan periode riset doktoralnya di Jepang dan Amerika Serikat, dan belajar dari banyak praktik inovasi beberapa perusahaan di Eropa, Amerika, dan Asia. Sejak 2003, ia mengajar pada program sarjana dan pascasarjana di Universitas Indonesia (2003-sekarang) dan di Universitas Katolik Atma Jaya Jakarta (2004-2005). Avanti Fontana tersertifikasi sebagai fasilitator dan coach profesional. Bersama tim, ia ikut mendirikan Center for Innovation Studies (Pusat Studi Inovasi) pada 2004. Ia membuat catatan blog tentang inovasi pada www.imedcoaching.com. Ia menulis buku Innovate We Can! yang diterbitkan oleh PT Gramedia Widiasarana Indonesia (2009).