Gas Processing and Conditioning Facilities – BANDUNG


Bandung, 05-08 Okt 2010


Rp. 8,000,000 per person Excluding VAT and Hotel Accommodation


DR. Ir. Sudjati Rachmat, DEA is General Manager of Program Development Department of ITB. He was an extreme dedicated consultant and researcher with countless hands-on expertise in analytical methods, engineering mathematics, computer simulation, fluid mechanic, mass and heat transfer. Mr. Sudjati has published numerous articles regarding of researches and analyses in France, Australia, USA and Singapore.
His expertise has brought him to one of the top-notch expert hired among UNOCAL, MOBIL OIL Indonesia, PPTM Migas, PT. CALTEX Pacific Indonesia, LEMIGAS, PT. LNG Bontang, VICO Indonesia, GULF, ARCO and PERTAMINA. He is an active member of SPE [Society of Petroleum Engineers] and Fine Particles Society, US. He holds Diplome d’Etude Approfondie and Docteur en Mecanique de Fluide in Methode Numerique from UCB, France.


With rapidly increasing demand for natural gas, more and more people will need to require expertise in gas engineering technology. This course incorporate a proper balance between theory and application so the delegates from the company can immediately apply the acquired techniques to the field problems.

– Develop a “feel- for the important parameters in designing, selecting, installing, operating and trouble-shooting gas handling, conditioning and processing facilities.
– Understand the uncertainties and assumptions inherent in designing and operating the equipment in these systems and the limitations, advantages and disadvantages associated with their usage.
– Ho to select, specify, operate, maintain, test and trouble-shoot surface equipment used with handling, conditioning and processing of natural gas and associated liquids such as separators, heat exchangers, absorption and fractionation systems, dehydration systems, refrigeration, Low Temperature Separation units, and compression systems.
– How to evaluate and choose the correct process for the given situation.

Course Content

Basic of Gas Processing and Conditioning
– Objectives & principle of gas processing/ conditioning
– Types & properties of gas to be processed
– Field condition & processing facility requirements
Gas Processing Scope
– Production of pipeline transportable gas stream
– Production of salable gas stream
– Production of condensate
Separation Phase
– Gas-Liquid-Water separation
– Two-Phase and Three-Phase separators
– Separator: Operation & Maintenance
Treating & Gas Treatment
– Sour gas production: Health Safety & Environment
– Gas sweetening processes
– H2S and CO2 Removal: Operation & Maintenance
Gas Dehydration
– Hydrate formation & control
– Dehydration with liquid absorbent & solid-adsorbent
– Glycol Contactor: Operation & Maintenance
Condensate & NGL Recovery
– Condensate recovery near wells
– Processing for Propane-Butane
– Production & stabilization of NGL: Operation & Maintenance
– Compression & recompression for pipeline transport
– Compression in condensate recovery
– Compression NGL production & gas re-injection
– Compressor operations
Heat Exchange
– Heating & cooling operations
– Refrigeration in liquid hydrocarbons recovery
– Heat Exchanger: Operation and Maintenance
Additional Facilities
– Automatic safety systems
– Production facility & environmental protection
– Utilities: electricity, instrument air & water

– Silahkan isi form dibawah ini jika anda ingin mendaftar :

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