Electric Installation in Hazardous Area

Selasa-Jum’at | 4-7 Agustus 2009

Papandayan Hotel

Ir. Qamaruzzaman, MT and Team

Rp. 7.250.000,-
per participant, excluding accomodation & tax.


Explosive Atmosphere, origin and characteristic values

  • Evaporation
  • Convection, diffusion density ratio
  • Flash point and combustion point
  • Classification of flammable liquids into danger classes
  • Explosive mixture of dust and air
  • Exothermic chemical reaction and its characteristic values
  • Ignition sources and their characteristic values
  • Ignition flame
  • Influence of electrical values
  • Ex-groups, maximum experimental safe gap
  • Ignition by hot surfaces

Regulation and Specifications

  • Regulations concerning electrical installations in explosive atmosphere
  • Definitions
  • Potentially explosive atmosphere, electrical apparatus in acetylene plants
  • IEC works

Type of Protection

  • General, opening apparatus, terminals, cable and conduct entries
  • Oil immersed equipments
  • Pressurized appartus
  • Flameproof enclosure

Intrinsic safety

  • General specific constructional requirements
  • Installation requirements for intrinsically safe circuits
  • Tests

Planning, installation and operation of electrical systems in potentially explosive atmospheres

  • Assessment of possible explosion risk
  • Planning electrical installations for use in potentially explosive atmosphere
  • Selection of apparatus
  • Measuring and control equipment
  • Lighting systems

Operation of electrical equipment in potentially explosive atmosphere

  • General
  • Operations of electrical equipment
  • Instruction of persons
  • Repair of explosion-protected electrical apparatus
  • Repair work not affecting the explosion protection

Switchgear for use in potentially explosive atmospheres

  • Terminals
  • Protection against dust and wear,
  • Types of protection for electrical switchgear

Lamps and Luminaires

  • General, incandescent lamps, discharge lamps, high pressure mercury lamps
  • Safety luminaires, portable lights, flameproof luminaires
  • Pressurized luminaires

Managers involved with energy management, Electrical engineers and Technical Staff who have to deal with the aspect of electrical and industrial power system protection, control and operation.

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