Dra. Melani K. Harriman, Ak, MBA, CFA

has trained corporate finance and risk management subjects at the University of Indonesia, IBII and Binus in Indonesia. She is determined to introduce the practice of Value Based Management (VBM) to Asia. She believes in VBM’s contribution to corporate success and the Asian economy. She studied from Joel Stern, the promoter of a Value Based Management System known as Economic Value AddedTM at the Australian Graduate School of Management, the University of New South Wales, where she earned her MBA.

She worked in various divisions within PT Astra International in Indonesia, was involved in restructuring and corporate actions in 1992-1998. She worked with a holding company of the Indonesian Bank Restructuring Agency in 2000-2002. Initiating Stern Stewart consultancy in Indonesia since May 2005, she has been the managing director for Indonesia in 2006. In mid 2007 she was appointed the Director of Business Development for Asia. In February, 2008 she decided to be an independent speaker and trainer to share her experience and knowledge. In 2006 Melani took part as a judge in State Owned Enterprise Award, in 2007 she was a judge in Regional Government Owned Enterprise Award and LQ 45 Award for financial performance. Her believe of a balanced and holistic life brings her to learn and practice Neuro-Semantics, yoga, reiki, physical exercise and healthy diet. Always updates her knowledge for the latest findings, it is her passion to share this experience and knowledge for living optimally as an individual and in business.


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