Dra. Jenny Seoseno, S.Psi

is a senior psychologist and well-known motivator, has taught, coached, and consulted in leadership development, human resources management, and applied psychology for over 24 years. She has worked for a division of Recruitment, Selection and Assessment Center of International Bank for 7.5 years coached and helped people on Personality Development, Targeted Selection, Customer Care, Speech Power and other issues.

As a certified SHL-Singapore assessor, Mrs. Jenny convincingly sought by government agencies to assess performance and competency issues of their senior manager, director or middle-up management executive candidates. Mrs. Jenny also serves with the Executives Training Center established by Indonesian Foreign Ministry and teaches their sustainable leadership and people skill course for junior diplomat nominees.

For the past 17 years, Mrs. Jenny has shared her passion, insight and experience with either state-owned or private-owned companies (such as TELKOM, Krakatau Steel, Indonesia Power) in helping individuals, teams, and organizations realize and achieve their maximum potential through personality development, service excellence, effective communication, self-motivation and self-presentation techniques, as well as change and stress management. Mrs. Jenny received her B.S. degree in Psychology from University of Indonesia in 1978.


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