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Tanggal 24 Maret 2011

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With 30 years experience in Secretarial, HR, Training, Management & Consultancy fields, Lina set up and established her own business, Choice Management Consultants. She is a coach for secretaries and a facilitator in personal development program.


Who Should Attend?

This program is designed for those who are in a secretarial or administrative position, and who wish to improve their skills, or those who are about to be appointed to such a position.
About the Program

Successful secretaries often require many of the same skills as senior staff in an organization. Secretaries are the person not only in charge of the organization documents and correspondence, but they are very often the first point of contact for visitors; therefore they must display a highly professional image at all the times. They, not only about the ability to present more professionally, but also some basic management skills that can help the secretary to act optimally, include communication, leadership, handling conflict, and presenting themselves in front of both internal and external customers. This program covers all of these, and more. This workshop contains a refreshing, management principles are important that need to be controlled by secretaries for secretaries who can look as professional and effective.

Konsep dan Aplikasi Cashflow Management yang efektif

Course Objectives

After completing this practical program, participants will be able to:

1. understand how her role as Secretary contributes to organizational success

2. build an effective work team

3. interact with people in ways which reinforce positive working relationships

4. show concern for excellence

5. enhance their communication and interpersonal skills

6. manage personal emotions

7. manage conflict, difficult situations and people with ease

8. deliver presentations to small groups for maximum effect Program Contents

1. Communicating for Results

· What is communication?
· Body Language, Words, & Tone Of Voice
· Barriers to effective communication
· Listening– the key to communication success
· Questioning For Clarity

2. Leadership Skills

· Your leadership style
· Factors that influence leadership in your organization
· Ways in which you can influence your team
· Leadership models

3. Self-Presentation Skills

* What is self-presentation?
* How you look
* How you sound
* How you present

4. Handling Conflict

· What is conflict?
· Finding an appropriate conflict management style
· Dealing with anger in yourself and others

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