Developing Effective Habits for Success


Bandung 13-15 Okt 2010
Jakarta 21-22 Okt 2010


Rp. 6,000,000 per person Excluding VAT and Hotel Accommodation (Bandung)
Rp. 4,500,000 per person Excluding VAT and Hotel Accommodation (Jakarta)


Totok is a Senior HR trainer and coach. He is passionate about human resource training, coaching and sharing his skilled human resource knowledge with others.
His specialty is in the area of motivation, communication skills, leadership, managerial skills and personal development.

Had an Instructor’s License of Dale Carnegie Leadership Program (1997) and attended several workshops on HR issues in Singapore (1997), Houston and Boston, USA (2000). He also has attended an Advanced Leadership Seminar in Hawaii, USA (2008).

He has taken his Master Degree in Human Resources from Atma Jaya University, Jakarta (2004). His formal qualifications are supported by his extensive business background in several industries such as a Senior HR Advisor in ConocoPhillips and Medco Energy International.

His clients cover businesses such as banks, insurance, pharmaceuticals, automotive, manufacturing, oil & gas industries and educational institutions.
Totok is currently holding the position of Senior Consultant and Trainer of Academia Training & Education in Citra Muda Perkasa Solution (CMPS).


If you’ve tried to change a habit or learn a new skill, you no doubt know that it’s a challenge. Progress is not always neat and direct. There can be false starts and other disheartening experiences. So be kind to yourself as well as honest about what’s possible.
Without motivation and a system of incentives and rewards, you may find the tendency to continue as you are overcomes your wish to do better. Assistance, whether from those who want to improve along similar lines or cheerleaders in your corner, is usually essential. Before you use the guidelines below for launching new habits and using new skills, improve your chances for success by thinking about how you will motivate yourself and who will help you.
– Be wholehearted in your initial trials of the new behavior.
– Observe your own and others’ response to new behavior; strive to be authentic despite possible discomfort.
– Whatever your initial experiences, be consistent in use while staying alert to ways to improve your performance.
– Never let an exception occur until your new behavior is strongly rooted.

At the end of the program, participants are expected to:
1. Identify the inside-out approach for success.
2. Comprehend the power of paradigm and paradigm shift.
3. Adopt the principles of personal and interpersonal effective habits.
4. Comprehend the habits of mind
5. Develop 10 powerful focusing strategies for success.

Everyone who would like to enhance and develop their self-confidence and new habits as well as the professional rapport with others.
Course Content

Day One:
– Inside-Out Approach for Success.
– The Personality and Character Ethics.
– The Power of Paradigm and Paradigm Shift.
– What is an Effective Habit?
– Develop Basic Effective Habits & Exercises.

Day two:
– Introducing The Habits of Mind
– Describing Habits of Mind.
– The Power of Focus
– Focusing Strategy : # 1,2,3,4,5
1. Your Habits Determines Your Future
2. Build on Your Strengths, not Your Weaknesses
3. Do You See the Big Picture?: Designing your crystal-clear future
4. Creating Optimum Balance: More money, more time off
5. Building Excellent Relationship
Day three:
– Focusing Strategy: # 6,7,8,9,10
1. The Confidence Factor: Eliminating fear and worry.
2. Ask for What You want
3. Consistent Persistence: Success is often just around the corner
4. Taking Decisive Action
5. Living on Purpose: Making your life simple again

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