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Totok Krisdianto is a Senior HR trainer and coach. He is passionate about human resource training, coaching and sharing his skilled human resource knowledge with others. His specialty is in the area of motivation, communication skills, coaching & counseling, leadership, managerial skills and personal development. Had an Instructor’s License of Dale Carnegie Leadership Program (1997) and attended several workshops on HR issues in Singapore (1997), Houston and Boston, USA (2000). He also has attended an Advanced Leadership Seminar in Hawaii, USA (2008).

He has taken his Master Degree in Human Resources from Atma Jaya University, Jakarta (2004). His formal qualifications are supported by his extensive business background in several industries such as a Senior HR Advisor in ConocoPhillips, a Senior Consultant in Medco Energy International and BMW Indonesia. His clients cover businesses such as banks, insurance, pharmaceuticals, automotive, manufacturing, oil & gas industries and educational institutions.

Totok is currently holding the position of a Senior Trainer and Consultant of Indonesia Professional Development Center (IPDC).


Almost every organization has people whose personality, attitude, work habits or other characteristics present frequent challenge for those around them. This workshop will provide you with practical tools and skills to handle difficult people whether or not you have sufficient positional authority.

It also help you to learn how to distinguish between various types of difficult behavior, and choose responses that have a high probability of succeeding rather than increasing a difficult situation. You will develop analytical skills, specialized communication, interpersonal negotiating, coaching, stress and conflict management strategies.

Benefits Of Attending

By the end of this workshop, participants will be able to :
* Identify a “difficult person”
* Explore the reasons why a person is difficult
* Feel confident to deal with a number of different types of difficult people
* Recognise the early warning signals and prevent the behavior escalating
* Handle your personal anger and that of others
* Understand aggressive, assertive, and passive behaviours
* Understand the importance of communication when dealing with a difficult person
* Apply conflict resolution techniques
* Negotiate win-win solutions

Who Should Attend ?

Managers, supervisors and anyone who want to develop their skills in dealing successfully with difficult people and difficult situations

Workshop Outline

* 6 Types of Difficult People
– Reasons for the behavior
– Strategies for dealing with them

* How to Deal with Negativity
– Recognizing negativity
– 4 steps to turning it around

* Handling Anger in Ourselves and Others
– 4 ways of handling our anger
– How to loose someone’s anger
– What to do if the person persists

* Communicating Skills for Handling Difficult Situations
– Perception checks
– Questioning skills
– Active listening
– Gaining trust
– Reading and responding to non-verbals

* Communicating Assertively
– Distinguishing between aggressiveness and assertiveness
– 3 steps to more assertive behavior
– Using power and authority in a positive way

* Coaching a Difficult Employee
– How to reinforce good performance
– How to handle substandard performance
– Handling sensitive personal issues
– Dealing with repeated unacceptable performance

* Dealing with Conflict
– Recognizing the strengths and weakness of our own style
– 5 key steps to managing interpersonal conflict
– Negotiating to win-win solutions

* When Nothing Else Works
– Planning actions
– Discipline without punishment
– Managing your stress
– Action Plan

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