DCS (Distributed Control System) For Operator – BANDUNG


4 – 7 October 2010

Hotel Grand Seriti Boutique Bandung


1. Rp 6.950.000/person (full fare) or
2. Rp 6.750.000/person (early bird, payment before 27 September 2010) or
3. Rp 6.500.000/person (if there are 3 persons or more from the same company)

1. Training Module
2. Training CD contains training material
3. For practice session : DCS software is supplied and installed to participants’ laptop/notebook by PT.MMS / instructor
4. Certificate
5. Stationeries: NoteBook and Ballpoint
6. Jacket or waistcoat or T-Shirt
7. Bag or backpackers
8. Training Photo
9. Training room with full AC facilities and multimedia
10. Once lunch and twice coffeebreak every day of training
11. Qualified instructor
12. Transportation for participants from hotel of participants to/from hotel of training(if minimal number of participants from one company is 4 persons)


DR. Ir. Edi Leksono, M.Eng. is alumnus from Physics Engineering Bandung Institute of Technology, ITB (Bachelor), Control Engineering Tokyo Institute of Technology Japan(Master), and Electrical engineering Keio University Japan. Now Dr. Edi Leksono is a senior professor at Engineering Physics ITB. He have been interacting with industry for more than 25 years for training, consultancy and project implementation in field of SCADA, PLC, DCS, Instrumentation and Process Control and also energy saving. He have taught most of companies in Indonesia for many topics related to his competencies and he has implemented real project in field for many companies in Indonesia. In his expertise in ITB, he have dedicated much scientific work, such as writing or translating text book, being researcher and publish to journal and being speaker in national and international conference.

Ir. Priyo Syamsul Nugraha, MT. is alumnus from Bandung Institute of Technology (ITB), at Physics Engineering department (Bachelor) and Instrumentation and Control Program (Master program). His expertise is on instrumentation and control and metrology. Many training events have been delivered by Ir. Priyo Syamsul for many companies in Indonesia and some project implementation have been finished by him. Some training topics and projects that Ir. Priyo Syamsul deliver are Training of Process Control Impelementation in DCS, Training of Impelementation Process Control in DCS for Maintenace Technician, Training of Basic Technique Processing for Instrument Technician in implementation of DCS, Training of DCS Maintenance System, training “Advanced Process Control”, Project Development DCS Configuration for PLN Plan site Singkarak, Project Development of Exaquantum in DCS process Configuration, etc. Ir. Priyo Syamsul has researched and published to paper/journal that related to control and DCS like : Planning of System Control Fuzzy Logic for Black Tea Mini-plant Fermentation Process, Greendhool Temperature Characteristic Modelling for Black Tea Fermentation Process Using Neural Network Based Identification Technique, Implementation Model Predictive Control (MPC) in DCS (Distributed Control Systems) to Control Reactor-Separator Plant, Research Strategy of Implementation Model Predictive Control in Distributed Control System(DCS) : Case Study Controlling Plant Shell Heavy Oil Fractionator, Strategy of Implementation Model Predictive Control in Distributed Control System (DCS), etc.


DCS is controller utility used to control process in plant floor. All of process variables can be monitored and visualized throught monitor and can be supervisory control to process throught this Human Interface system by operator. For being familiarized and skilled in this field of work for operators, they should be trained how to operate this system and how to make modification or develop using appropriate software and to operate developed system. This training is designed for operator to improve their capability around their work in DCS operating system.

After completion of this training, participants will be able to understand the principles of operation of DCS hardware and software system, access operator interface display, to manipulate various control modules, operate system trending, manage and respond to process alarm/event, monitor process performance, view real-time and historical trending data, diagnose DCS component status, operate regulatory control module and simulating process, etc .

1. Introduction to Industrial Process Control system
2. Introduction to Distributed Control System
3. Introduction to Distributed Control System for Operator
4. Operator Interface Feature
5. Programming design, development and simulation
6. Human Machine Interface(HMI)
7. Discrete Module Operation
8. Analog Module Operation
9. Event Journal and Historical
10. Trending
11. Regulatory Control Concept and Operation
12. Cascade Control Concept and Operation
13. Override Control Concept and Operation
14. Sequential Control Operation
15. Alarm Management and report
16. Comprehensive Practice
17. Discussion

– Silahkan isi form dibawah ini jika anda ingin mendaftar :

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