Budgeting Preparation, Process and Control


May 25 – 27, 2010


Rp. 6,000,000 per person Excluding VAT and Hotel Accommodation


Professional Speakers


A budgeting process and control is more than a row of numbers. It is a tool for establishing priorities of action, determining program content, and exercising control of operations. This workshop focuses on budgeting process and control from a company and departmental viewpoint, operating as a cost center, and using the information for budgetary decision making and establishing the a control.


• How to construct budget, process and control to maintain the best performance of the company.
• How to develop capital budgets and allocate capital
• Learn about financing alternatives available to oil and gas companies
• How to develop the company’s cost of capital
• What are the various financial issues associated with project development, execution and operations

Who Should Attend

• New accountants and financial analysts
• Company staffs, supervisors and managers who need to improve their
understanding of budgeting process and how to establish a sound control
• Anyone who wish to gain a practical knowledge in budgeting process and
control in order to understand the impact of financial issues on project
selection and company performance.


• Understand concepts and theory of budgeting
• Learn how to process and evaluate the budgets
• Learn how to asses a performance using the budget
• Enhance the financial awareness and cost consciousness

Training Method

Introduction to the Budgeting Process
• Budgeting and the managerial process
• Budgeting and the strategic planning process
• Budgeting as an integral element on internal control

Preparation of Specific Budgets
• Exploration Budget
• Operation Budget
• Administrative Expense Budget
• Payroll Costs Budget
• Capital Investment Budgeting Process
• Capital Expenditure Evaluation Method

Work Program and Budget
• General Procedures and Manual
• Exploration Activities
• Development Activities
• Production Activities
• General Administration and Support Activities
• Financial Summary

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