6 – 7 Mar 2017
4 – 5 Apr 2017
2 – 3 Mei 2017
5 – 6 Jun 2017
3 – 4 Jul 2017
31 Jul – 1 Aug 2017
4 – 5 Sep 2017
2 – 3 Oct 2017
6 – 7 Nov 2017
4 – 5 Des 2017


Hotel di Bandung
Bandung (Hotel Kagum Group), Noor Hotel, Amarossa Hotel, Grand Setiabudhi Hotel, Ibis Hotel, Tebu Hotel, Papandayan Hotel, Digital Innovation Lounge (DILO).
Other Cities are available for request
Bandung, Jakarta, Yogyakarta, Surabaya, Bali

INHOUSE Training Request? call us


Rp. 4.500.000/person (full fare)
Rp. 3.500.000/person (if there are 3 persons or more from the same company)

Facilities :
 Training Hand Out
 Digital Material
 Certificate
 Exclusive Souvenir
 Qualified Bag
 Training Photo
 Training room with full AC facilities and multimedia
 Once lunch and twice coffee break every day of training
 Qualified Instructor
 Transportation from airport / railway to hotel and from hotel to the training venue (3 person from one company)


Gumuruh Samudra S, ST. and Team
Gumuruh Samudra menyelesaikan ilmu informasi teknologi dari University Utara Malaysia. merupkan trainer bidang informasi teknologi yang sudah berpengalaman selama 10 th lebih.
Pengalaman beliau dibidang informasi teknologi diantaranya:
1. Taking a role as Technician at factory level (SCT Sdn Bhd) with a large amount of time spent on assembling pc for various machine models. At the time involved within the factory, a desktop application namely as Cheque Writer System, had been also developed for completing the requirement of the factory needs.
2. Involved with a Freelancer work for Thailand Embassy (Kuala Lumpur) and developing Joomla web site for office usage namely, thaiBizMalaysia.
3. Involved with a Freelancer work for Internet Filter (Dutechs & SafeNet) Desktop Application for web content filering in the windows environment.
4. Involved with a Freelancer work for Khairat Desktop System (Surau Baiturrahman) Desktop Application, mainly used as community ERP similarities concept.
5. Taking a role as System Developer (ServerWare Sdn Bhd) for customizing php-open source CRM & ERP, deploying Joomla CMS web application, and maintaining Kunena Web Forums for internal usage installed the Linux Ubuntu Server with the mySQL used for the current company routine task. Etc.



Teknologi yang diterapkan pada Illustrator memiliki perbedaan dengan Photoshop. Jika memang anda tidak menggunakan object foto sebagai media target editing, maka gunakan Illustrator sebagai salah satu tools terbaik dalam melakukan perubahan scalable & editable. Yang mana di dalam Illustrator peserta akan menggunakan vector graphics, sementara Photoshop menggunakan Pixels, bitmap atau rasters. Dari sini ketajaman suatu gambar menjadi titik kekuatan illustrator dalam mengolah karya grafis.

1. Introduction
2. Document Setup, Artboards
3. Creating Object Guide Layer
4. Object Editing Essentials
5. Transformation, Duplication, Alignment
6. Gradient Color & Pattern
7. Different Strokes
8. Shape Builder & Path Finder
9. Custom Shape Creation
10. Drawing Refining Path
11. Type Styles, Typography
12. Working with Images & Mask
13. Live Trace Tips Trick
14. The Appearance
15. Additonal Polish
16. Printing & Exporting


Pre-Registration (Pendaftaran Tidak Mengikat)
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Ketik SMS dengan format :
-kirim ke 085286451074

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