Achieve Professional Excellence to Meet Challenges at Work


Bandung, Oct 06-08, 2010
Jakarta, Oct 13-15, 2010


Rp. 6,000,000 per person Excluding VAT and Hotel Accommodation (Bandung)
Rp. 5,200,000 per person Excluding VAT and Hotel Accommodation (Jakarta)


Totok Krisdianto
Totok is a Senior HR trainer and coach. He is passionate about human resource training, coaching and sharing his skilled human resource knowledge with others.
His specialty is in the area of motivation, communication skills, leadership, managerial skills and personal development.
Had an Instructor’s License of Dale Carnegie Leadership Program (1997) and attended several workshops on HR issues in Singapore (1997), Houston and Boston, USA (2000). He also has attended an Advanced Leadership Seminar in Hawaii, USA (2008).
He has taken his Master Degree in Human Resources from Atma Jaya University, Jakarta (2004). His formal qualifications are supported by his extensive business background in several industries such as a Senior HR Advisor in ConocoPhillips and Medco Energy International.
His clients cover businesses such as banks, insurance, pharmaceuticals, automotive, manufacturing, oil & gas industries and educational institutions.
Totok is currently holding the position of Associate Trainer of Academia Trainining & Education.

Pintor SM Sagala
Memulai karir dari staff biasa hingga menjadi Senior Manager HRD & Personalia di Perusahaan General Kontraktor PT. BUANA HIJAU ERALESTARI, Jakarta. Selama 8 tahun menggeluti pengembangan Sumber Daya Manusia dalam group Perusahaan tersebut.
Perusahaan yang telah dilayani dalam membawakan training pengembangan SDM seperti: PT. Charoen Pokphand Indonesia, PT. Sucofindo, Bank Indonesia, PT. KIA Mobil Indonesia, PT ASURANSI TOKIO MARINE INDONESIA, PT. Bank Negara Indonesia (Persero) Tbk, PT. Bank Rakyat Indonesia (Persero) Tbk, PT. Bank Tabungan Negara (Persero) Medan, LippoBank, Bank BCA, PT. Bank Niaga, Tbk, PT. Bank Ganesha, PT. Topjaya Sarana Utama (Toshiba), ITI-Serpong, PT. MODENA, PT. Lion Superindo, PT. Perusahaah Gas Negara (PGN), PT. Matahari Dep. Store, PT. Matahari Supermarket, PT. Federal International Finance (FIF), PT. Argha Karya Prima Industry, Tbk, PT. Artajasa, PT. Indosat, PT. Indonesia Power, Astra Credit Companies (ACC), PT. Sunhope Internasional, Wella, antv , PT. Bakrie ESIA, RAPP-Riau, PT. Sinar Antjol, PT. Intraco Lestari, PT. Bintang Niaga Jaya, PT. GE Money Indonesia, Pemda Langkat – SUMUT, PT.Sensient Technologies Indonesia, PT. Profito Andalan kita, Badan Pemeriksa Keuangan, SMS Finance, Indomobil Finance, Departemen PU, dll.
Karir dalam bidang SDM ditekuni sejak tahun 1995 dan kemudian memperluas serta mengembangkan minat dan wawasan sebagai instruktur/pengajar.


The dynamic 21st century demand changes in work and personal life as never before. You need to prepare mentally and acquire cutting-edge skills to perform your job effectively. In this dynamic working environment, support staff and secretaries are faced with many diverse challenges in getting their work done effectively with minimal resources, a challenge, which could easily translate to a nightmare for most of them. This dynamic forum will teach you the personal effectiveness skills that will enable you to take charge and cope with these new challenges.
By attending this forum, you will find yourself more effective in handling the new challenges presented to you. Using the skills taught, you will become more self-assured and recognized as a member of the management team..

– understand and know your organization and how it shapes your thinking and behavior
– discuss how to integrate and balance leadership and management skills
– understand what your new role is in today’s changing workplace
– use a proven system to delegate effectively
– identify their communication style and the style of co-workers
– develop new strategies for dealing with difficult people
– make your manager’s strengths more productive and weaknesses irrelevant
– tolerate different personalities
– establish goals and action
– better anticipate your manager’s needs
– make your job more meaningful and contributory

Who should attend ?
– Executive/Senior/Junior Secretaries
– Administrative/Personal Assistants
– Executive Assistants
– Office Supervisors


The New Role of the Professional Secretary & Administrative Assistant
– The traditional and transitional organization
– The team approach
– How the management role has changed
– The traditional, transitional and new role of the professional secretary & administrative assistant
– How the support role has changed

Motivating, Leadership Styles and Teambuilding Skills
– Individual Needs, Motivation and Attitudes
– How to Maintain a Positive Attitude?
– The Role of Planning, Organizing, Motivating and Controlling in Teambuilding
– Key Attributes of an Effective Leader
– Leadership Styles

Customer Relations and Service Excellent
– Practical Human Relations Skills
– Effective Listening Techniques
– Handling Difficult Customers and Complaints Efficiently
– Positive Attitude and their Impact on Customer Relations

Better Communication
– Four communication styles
– Stating your bottom line
– Exercises in assertiveness skills
– Practicing your assertive skills
– Body language

Effective Time Management
– ‘A Team of Two’ – How to Team up with your Boss for More Effective Time Management
– Understanding Key Concepts on Time Management and its Impact on Productivity
– Knowing Where your Time Goes and Categorizing your Activities for Better Time Management
– Determining Key Tasks and Establishing Priorities

‘Staying Organized’
– Developing your Personal Work Control System for Tracking Time, People and Projects
– Putting into Action Some Important Skills to Maintain the Status of a First-rate Secretary
– Coping Strategies for Dealing with Mail, Appointments, Telephones, etc.

Goal Setting
– Why we don’t set goals
– Three levels of goals
– 7 steps to goal setting

Problem Solving Skills & Decision Making
– What is a problem? Characteristics of problems
– Problems or opportunities? Mental re-orientation
– Creative problem solving techniques
– Decision making process

Managing Relationship with Boss
– Managing your boss: how are bosses difficult and how do you respond.
– What can I do? Ways to get your boss to respond positively
– Do your job well and abide by rules
– Understand your superior’s style.
– Manage disagreements.
– Keep Your Boss Personally Updated

Self-Management in Stress Working Environment
– What is stress?
– Self Management
– Signs and symptoms of stress
– Different personality types and their relationship to stress
– Self help in overcoming stress
– Response to pressure

Developing Effective Habits for Success
– Inside-Out Approach for Success.
– The Personality and Character Ethics.
– The Power of Paradigm and Paradigm Shift.
– What is an Effective Habit?
– Develop Basic Effective Habits & Exercises.

– Interactive discussions
– Group & individual exercises
– Case Study
– Role Play
– Relevant Games
– Video Films

– Silahkan isi form dibawah ini jika anda ingin mendaftar :

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