Accounting for Non Accountant for PSC Operations in Indonesia – BANDUNG



23 – 25 May 2011




IDR 6.600.000 / participant. Excluding VAT & Hotel Accommodation


Jamaluddin Siregar, BBA, Dipl.Th, Dipl. International Management, MBA

Mr. Jamaluddin obtained his BBA degree from Nommensen University Medan North Sumatera, and his Diploma International Management degree from AGSIM Arizona USA. He also obtained his Master Business Administration (MBA) degree from PLM, Manila, Philippines. He has more than 20 years professional experience combined in the area of Accounting, Taxation, Insurance and Internal Audit. His career was started as Accounting Head Department with HUFFCO Indonesia in 1984 and worked in various position, including 2 years as controller and 4 years as Finance Manager, etc. He also worked in VICO Indonesia as Accounting, Tax and insurance Manager in 2001, and his last position is Internal Audit Manager.

Additionally, Mr. Jamaluddin also had attended so many training development and workshop such as Treasury Management – The Euromoney Institute of Finance Singapore, General Insurance – Insurance Institute for Asia and the Pacific Manila Philippines, International Financial Management of Oil & Gas Industry UTD Dallas USA, Corporate Ethics & Governance Workshop, Innovative Audit Report Writing and many more


No matter how, financial reports are showing the condition of a company either private or public company, small or huge company must have bounded and maintained responsibility to produce “true-good governance- financial reports for stakeholders and government regulations domestically and globally. All managerial levels and operational staff should have been liable to understand how their operational activities or operations are reported in its financial reports. This integral part of responsibility directs and emphasizes that the trueness of each financial transaction has been fulfilling the requirements of operation policy procedures, financial policy and procedures, and applicable legal and laws.

The current Indonesian Laws No.31, 1999 jo No.21, 2001 and the Foreign Corruption Practices Acts (FCPA) Stoil and Schnitzer 2001 and Sarbanes-Oxley Act (Sarbox) of 2002 for expatriates working in Indonesia are bound by these laws’ implementations. Top level management is legally accountable for the company’s operations internally and externally, it does not mean that medium and lower levels management and staff relief out from responsibility of the reliable assurance of all transactions recorded into financial statements. The trueness of transactions must be integrated “bottom up- hierarchically of the company’s organization. Internal control implementation must be done by each company’s employee. The good-governance-successfulness of the company is participation efforts of the whole staff, management of the company, and other supports of services contractors and suppliers.


For non-accountant educational-background employees will be provided a fundamental accounting knowledge and skills to capably know and understand what is financial transactions, financial reports, and how the transactions are verified and justified in accordance with company policy and procedures and with related government’s regulations and laws to produce a trueness financial reports.

– What is accounting and why it is absolutely needed by the company.
– Accounting principles and basic understanding accounting equation
– Flow of transaction recording from the beginning up to issuance of Balance Sheet and Income Statement
– Who users of financial reports – stakeholders and government.
– Financial reports will represent company the picture and inner reality of company business transactions are recorded and administered.
– Internal and External Auditors for operating, compliance, and financial audits to see and test a reasonable assurance.


Be a knowledgeable-operational employee technically and financially, who will be able to professionally accountable for validity and reliability of operational and financial reports. Producing key operational performance activity reports due for operation, financial, and legal and laws implementations


Supervisory, Superintendent, Manager operation, Procurement Supervisor, Human Resources, Community Development and Environmental, Logistics Supervisor, Manufacturing Supervisor, and other typical business entities.


Day One:
– Introduction
– Interesting algebraic equation use as basic for accounting transaction recording.
– Perpetual inventory
– The most common principles and concepts used in business

Day Two:
– Balance Sheet
– Income Statement
– Simulation Financial Transactions through Equation
– Journal transactions

Day Three:
– Financial ratio analysis as measurement performance of a company at certain period of business results.
– Financial ratio analysis is one of key factors of performance.
– Summary and closing remarks

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