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Tahun 2012


Hotel Puri Artha – Yogyakarta


IDR 4.500.000 per participant – non residential


Drs. Amien Wibowo, MBA and team


As a new HR professional, you’re thrust into a world of complex responsibilities, confusing dilemmas and high-stakes decisions-all in a pressure-cooker legal environment where the “right- thing to do is not always clear. And when one error can cost your organization plenty in fines, penalties and lawsuits, you’ve got to have the basics under your belt to be able to handle each of your HR challenges successfully and with confidence. Make your transition smooth and stress-free with the solid skills you’ll gain in this important workshop. It’s a concise, information-packed program tailor-made for newly appointed HR professionals like you looking to gain a solid foundation in HR principles and practices as well as a basic understanding of key employment laws, rules and regulations.

1. Acquiring a new HR mindset
– The many hats you’ll be expected to wear in HR-be prepared!
– Recognizing your strengths-and limitations-as you transition into your new role
– How skillful communication will earn you the trust, credibility and cooperation you need to effectively do your job
– How to get your hands on reliable legal information when you need it
– What seasoned HR professionals know about succeeding in human resources

2. Getting familiar with the law
– The most critical employment legislation-including UU Ketenaga-kerjaan and how you must respond
– How state laws make a legally compliant workplace even harder to maintain
– Smart practices that reduce the risk of discrimination-and messy lawsuits
– What’s ahead? Preparing for changes in workplace law that will affect your organization
– Challenges you can expect to face when investigating sexual harassment and discrimination complaints
– Don’t put your company at risk-know the laws that HR professionals unknowingly violate most often

3. Meeting the evolving challenge of benefits administration

– Employee or independent contractor?
– Who is exempt-and who isn’t…spelled out in plain English
– Critical guidelines for administering in today’s workplace\
– Clearing up the baffling gray areas when determining JAMSOSTEK leave
– Explaining benefits plans and changes to employees so there’s no misunderstanding

4. What you need to know about disciplining and firing

– Walking through the disciplinary process so you’ll know what to expect
– Understanding at-will termination
– When there is no choice but to terminate-key legal liability issues you must understand first
– How to weed out legal weaknesses in your documentation-5 tips
– Is it okay to monitor an employee’s e-mail? Computer usage? Phone calls?

5. Screening, interviewing and hiring employees

– Employee referrals: A risky practice or a reliable recruiting tool?
– How to conduct background checks without violating the applicant’s right to privacy
– Protect against hiring mistakes using perfectly legal screening techniques
– 10 questions you can never, ever ask in a job interview
– Which pre-employment tests are legal?

6. Bringing HR record keeping under control

– The ultimate test of the effectiveness of your record-keeping procedures
– How to simplify record-keeping processes
– Could there be a “smoking gun- in your personnel records-like omitted information? Or bias?
– What records to keep…and for how long
– Should you keep personnel records under lock and key? Yes-and here’s why
– The essential set of records every employer must keep on every employee

Staf dan Officer HRD yang ingin memiliki landasan pengetahuan yang kuat dibidang pengembangan SDM

Lecturing, interactive discussion, presentation, and case study.

– Training module
– Stationeries: notebook and ballpoint
– Training bag or backpack
– 1x lunch & 2x coffee break at days of training
– Exclusive T-Shirt
– Certificate
– Training photo
– Transportation for participants from the airport/railway station to hotel/training venue (Minimal number of participants from the same company is 2 persons)


Ketik SMS dengan format :
-kirim ke 085286451074

Contoh :
DAFTAR TRAINING ISO#2Mei2011#ARIEF#Company#3#nama@email.com


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