A Complaint is A Gift ( Batch 4)


2-3 Mei 2012

Bidakara Hotel, Jakarta


Early Bird Payment before 18 April 2012: Rp 2.500.000/person
Full Fare Rp 2.700.000 /person
(Includes: meals, seminar materials and certificate)
Free for 4th participant if you register 3 person


Wardhani Soedjono
A Life-time Service Practitioner

* President Director of PT VADS Indonesia
* Former Vice President, Service Delivery and Contact Management, P.T. Excelcomindo Pratama, Tbk.
* Has an in-depth experience in service industry and service leadership as a practitioner (30 years of working experience in various multinational companies).
* Has been a public speaker and facilitator in various subjects, e.g. Service Excellence, Customer Satisfaction, Direct Marketing, Malcolm Baldrige Quality Program, Contact Center Management, Competency Based Human Resource Management, etc.
* Certification: IBM’s Quality Assessor and Benchmarking Coordinator (1993); COPC Registered Coordinator (2005).


Why ”A Complaint is A Gift”

Organizations can lost many customers when complaints are not handled well, resulting in anger, unnecessary conflicts and even sabotage which can endanger the public image of the organization. While complaints are rarely pleasant, they often carry a positive intention.

A Complaint is a Gift, is a challenging principle that we’re going to discuss and celebrate in this seminar.
Wardhani Soedjono, the Indonesia’s acknowledged service practitioner will take you on a journey to once again see the gift behind a complain, the gift in our selves and the gift of finding success in handling complaints

Training Objectives

At the end of this training, you will gain the following:
• Knowledge of understanding your customers
• Knowledge of why customers complain
• Understanding of techniques to prioritize complaints
• Understanding of how to offer service recovery

Training Outline

Why Customers Complain?
• 3 Most Reasons Why Customers Complain
• The Customer Complaint Iceberg
• 4 Ladders of Dissatisfied Customers
• What will You Do When Customers Complain
• Discouraging Customers to Complain
• Kissing a Customer Goodbye
• The Secret of Service

Understanding Your Customers
• 5 Types of Complainer
• Dealing With Difficult Customer
• What Attitude is Required
• 5 Tips For Dealing with Angry Customers
• Handle Your Self First

The Famous 11 Steps Responding to Customer Complaints
• The Need of Feedback System
• 4 Steps Complaint Management Process
• Prioritizing Complaints – Probability : Remote, Uncommon,Occasional, Frequent
• Prioritizing Complaints – Severity : Minor, Moderate, Major, Catastrophic
• The Resolution Matrix
• Chronology Report of a Complaint

Effective Complaint Management
• Considering a Refund or Compensation
• Service Guarantee
• Guarantee Does Not Work, when…..
• Lesson Learned
• Service Recovery

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